University Police Reports 8/28/06

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Date: 08/28/06
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0416 06-03761 Assault Centennial Report

     Officers assisted a former student in front of Bob's on Centennial
Drive. The male had been assaulted at a party on Ed Norton Road.
Officers paged an ambulance and staying with him until a Jackson County
Deputy arrived. He refused medical transport.


0816 06-03763 Fire Alarm Central Hall Report

     Officers responding to the fire alarm at Central Hall found it was
activated by a toaster.


1047 06-03765 Burglar Alarm Killian Annex Report

     Officers responding to a burglar alarm found it was accidentally
activated by staff.


1600 06-03771 Tampering with email Off Campus Report

     A student found someone had illegally entered his email account and
forwarded all his mail somewhere else.




0200 06-03781 Disturbance Helder Report

     Two female students's reported a male beating on their room door
after hours. The male was possibly identified and officers made an
attempt to find the subject to find out how he entered the Hall. The
suspect was not located.



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