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Date: 08/31/06
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2000 06-03796 Harassment Reynolds Hall Report

     Officers are investigating a student receiving harassing phone


0850 06-03797 Disturbance/Threats Killian Annex Report

     Officers are investigated a student causing a disturbance and
making threats at the One Stop in the Killian Annex.


1700 06-03804 Credit Card Fraud Unknown Report

      Officers are investigating the fraudulent use of an employee's
credit card.


1500 06-03805 Traffic Accident Fieldhouse Report

       Officers are investigating a hit and run involving a student's
vehicle receiving damage while parked in the Fieldhouse Lot.


1533 06-03806 Traffic Accident Ledbetter Road Report

      A student was involved in a traffic accident on Ledbetter Road and
was transported to Harris Regional Hospital.


1600 06-03807 Assist Deputy Centennial Drive Report

     Officers assisted a Jackson County Deputy with a juvenile who was
driving a vehicle.


1650 06-03808 Trouble Alarm Stillwell Report

     The police department received a trouble alarm from the Stillwell
building and Facilities Management was advised.


2155 06-03815 Traffic Violation Scott Hall Citations x 2

     Officers issued two students each a state citation for parking in
the fire lane at Scott Hall.


2243 06-03816 Fire Alarm Central Hall Report

     Officers responding to a fire alarm at Central Hall believe it was
possibly caused by water problems. Facilities Management was notified.


2343 06-03817 Fight Norton Report

     Officers responding to the report of a fight at Norton Hall found
it was only verbal and involved both a male and a female non-student who
where visiting a WCU student. The male was transported off campus.




0740 06-03820 Fire Alarm Central Hall Report

     Officers responding to a fire alarm at Central Hall found it was a
water flow problem and notified Facilities Management.


0845 06-03821 Vandalism Leatherwood Report

     Officers are investigating a report of vandalism in a bathroom on
the 4th floor of Leatherwood Hall involving graffiti.


1155 06-03825 Vandalism HFR Lot Report

     Officers are investigating a student's vehicle being keyed while it
was parked in the HFR parking lot.


1555 06-03828 Sexual Assault Scott Report

      Officers are investigating a sexual assault reported at Scott




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