University Police Reports 8/27/06

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Date: 08/27/06
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1929 06-03728 Harassment Buchanan Report

     Officers are investigating a report of possible harassment of a
female student by a male student.




0150 06-03736 Larceny Village Report

     Officers are investigating the larceny of several items from a
student's vehicle while it was parked in the lot between Norton and the


0220 06-03737 Alcohol Violation Walker Referral

     Officers assisted EMS with a possible alcohol poisoning in Walker
Hall. The student received a UJC for underage possession of alcohol.


1156 06-03744 Missing Auto off Campus Report

     A student stated their vehicle was missing from a party off campus.
The student was referred to Jackson County Sheriffs Department.


1828 06-03750 Distraught Student Campus Report

     The police department assisted a distraught student in obtaining
all assistance available.


0053 06-03759 Traffic Accident Albright Report

     Officers are investigating a hit and run accident that occurred in
the Albright parking lot.



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