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Date: 09/12/05
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0635 05-1858 Alarm Outreach
Center Report

            Officers responded to an alarm. No trouble located.



1225 05-1855 Larceny Dodson
Further Investigation

            While on patrol officers noted that two handicap parking
signs had been

            removed from the sign posts.


1555 05-1890 Alarm Reynolds
Hall Report

            Officers responded to an alarm at Reynolds Hall. No trouble


1930 05-1859 Speeding Traffic
Circle Citation

            A student was issued a citation for excessive speed.


2141 05-1860 Underage Possession Leatherwood Hall

            Four male students were charged with underage possession of

            and possessing/concealing tax paid liquor.


2150 05-1862 Drug Violations Leatherwood
Hall Referred

            A non-student was banned from campus and a student referred
to Judicial

            Affairs due to an incident involving marijuana.




0027 05-1865 Assist LEA Summit Apts.

            Jackson County Deputies requested assistance at a party at
the Summit

            Apartments. (Estimated 300 to 500 people) The party was
closed down

            and a non-student was arrested by Jackson County officers.

Some vehicles were towed.


1040 05-1866 Harassing Phone Calls Off Campus

            Officers investigated a report that a student may be
responsible for

            making harassing phone calls to an off campus business.
Sylva Police

            are investigating further.


0143 05-1863 Resist Officer Campus

            A male student was arrested after he refused to stop for
officers near

            the Ramsey Center. The student was also charged with
possession of

            marijuana and paraphernalia.


1345 05-1869 Accident Forest Hills

            Officers investigated a backing accident in the Coulter Lot.


1730 05-1868 Assault Off Campus

            A male student reported that he had been assaulted last
month while

            leaving a fraternity party off campus. University and
Jackson County

            Officers are conducting an investigation.


1745 05-1870 Possess Liquor Field House Lot

            A non student was issued a citation for possessing
spirituous liquor

            in an area where possession was forbidden.


1810 05-1896 Disobey Officer Field House
Lot Citation

            A student was issued a citation for continuing to drink beer
after being

            told by an officer that tailgating was over.


2010 05-1871 Drunk & Disruptive Stadium

            Two intoxicated students were removed from the football
stadium during

            the game Saturday night. They were escorted out of the
stadium and told

            they could not return. They were issued Judicial Affairs


2314 05-1872 Handicap Parking Village

            A student was issued a citation for parking in a handicap
space at the



2340 05-1873 Alcohol Overdose Central Dr. Hall

            A male student was transported to Harris Regional Hospital
due to

            an alcohol overdose. The student is under age. Also
referred to

            Judicial Affairs.




0020 05-1879 Reckless Driving Centennial Dr.

            A student was issued a citation for reckless driving.


0115 05-1880 Open Container Forest Hills
Rd. Citation

            A student was issued a citation for possessing an open
container in

            the passenger area of a vehicle.


0118 05-1875 Consume Malt Bev. Forest Hills Rd.

            A male non-student was issued a citation for drinking beer
on a sidewalk.


0148 05-1876 Open Container Centennial Dr.

            A student was issued a citation of an open container of beer
in the

            passenger area of a vehicle.


0337 05-1878 Underage Drinking Centennial Dr.

            A non-student was issued a citation for driving after
consuming while

            under 21 years of age.


0254 05-1874 Drug Violation Airport Rd.

            A male and female student were referred to Judicial Affairs
for possession

            of marijuana.


1020 05-1881 Assist LEA Off Campus

            University Officers were asked to assist Jackson County
Officers at an

            incident in which a clerk in an off campus business had been

            and the business vandalized. The suspect was captured by
Jackson County

            Officers. University Police then cleared the scene.


1045 05-1887 Paraphernalia Walker Hall

            Officers referred a student to Judicial Affairs for
possession of drug



1120 05-1884 Vandalism Field House
Lot Report

            A student reported vandalism to her vehicle. Apparently the

            Occurred during tailgating at Saturday's game.


1210 05-1891 Alarm Outreach
Center Report

            Officers responded to an alarm. No trouble located.


1830 05-1894 Larceny Stadium Lot
Further Investigation

            Officers investigated a report that someone took a large
cast iron grill from

            the stadium lot.


1912 05-1895 Harassment Village

            Officers assisted a female student who was being harassed by
a former

            boyfriend (also a student). The ex-boyfriend was banned
from the Village.

            The ex-boyfriend was also advised to have no further contact
with the



2140 05-1887 Underage Possession Walker Hall

            An underage student was referred to Judicial Affairs for
possession of beer.




0033 05-1888 Drug Charges Leatherwood
hall Arrest

            A male student was arrested for possession of drug
paraphernalia, possession

            of marijuana, and maintaining a dwelling place for
consuming/selling. Officers

            executed a search warrant on the student's room.


0200 05-1892 Larceny Field House
Lot Further Investigation

            A student reported the theft of an inflatable couch.


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