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1011 05-1844 Accident Centennial
Dr. Report

            Officers investigated a minor accident at the Dodson
Cafeteria driveway.


1100 05-1842 Assist Student Off Campus

            A female student reported being stopped by an unmarked car
with blue lights.

            She asked University Police to check if the stop was a
legitimate stop. University

            officers verified that the stop was legitimate. The officer
is a detective

            and was in street clothes. The stop was in another county.


1145 05-1845 Dispute Scott Hall

            Officers were called to Scott Hall where there was in
incident of shouting,

            arguing and possible physical assault. When officers
arrived they found a

            female juvenile (non-student) and a male (non-student)
arguing. A third

            party, a female student, was also involved. The juvenile
was apparently

            a runaway. The juvenile's mother was contacted and took

            of the juvenile.


1230 05-1843 Accident Centennial
Dr. Report

            Officers investigated a minor traffic accident.


1330 05-1846 Lost Keys Campus

            A student reported she lost her residence Hall Key.


1530 05-1841 Lost CAT Card Campus

            Officers returned a lost CAT Card to the owner.


1815 05-1850 Assist LEA SR 1002

            Officers assisted Jackson County Deputies locate a car. The
car was spotted

            on campus and stopped off campus. Jackson County Deputies
resolved the

            situation which involved an ownership dispute over the car.


1825 05-1849 Counterfeiting Leatherwood
Hall Further Investigation

            University officers assisted Sylva Police in an
investigation involving counterfeiting.


2019 05-1854 Alarm Norton
Hall Report

            Officers responded to an alarm. No trouble located.




0038 05-1852 Stuck Elevator Walker Hall

            Officers responded to a stuck elevator. Occupants were
removed without



0052 05-1853 Vandalism Field House

            Officers on patrol noted that the Porta-Johns at the
entrance to the Field

            House lot were overturned.


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