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Date: 09/13/05
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1632 05-1898 Elevator Problem Campus

            Officers responded to the Fine and Performing Arts Building
and Harrill Hall due

            to a power failure and reports of stopped elevators.
Officers found no one

stuck on an elevator.


2045 05-1901 Larceny Field House
Lot Further Investigation

            A female student reported someone took her purse from the
bed of a pickup

            truck during tailgating.


2110 05-1907 Assist LEA Off Campus

            University Officers responded to a call from a female
student that an intoxicated

            person was on her front porch. County officers were busy
and unable to respond.

            University officers took the man (non-student) into custody.

            Highway Patrol Troopers arrived and charged him in a hit and
run accident.


2149 05-1902 Drug Violation Scott Hall

            A student was referred to Judicial Affairs for a marijuana


2220 05-1904 Roommate Dispute Village

            Officers intervened in a roommate dispute over the cleanser
being used to

            clean a counter top.


2235 05-1903 Larceny Norton Road

            Officers apprehended a male and two female students who had

            some University signs. The three were referred to Judicial
Affairs. The

            signs were recovered.


2340 05-1905 Assist LEA Centennial
Dr. Report

            University Officers were asked by Jackson County Officers to
be on the lookout

            for a vehicle involved in a gun pointing incident in the
Sylva area. University Officers

            stopped a car on campus matching the description but it was
determined this

            was not the car being sought.






0230 05-1906 Argument Reynolds Lot

            Officers were dispatched to a possible domestic dispute. It
turned out to

            be an argument between a male and female student.


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