University Police Reports 7/22/05

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Date: 07/22/05
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1552 05-1454 Domestic Related Campus

            Officers received a report of a potential domestic problem.
All parties were contacted

            and no trouble developed.


1555 05-1450 Stranded Boaters Lena
Davis Landing Report

            University Officers and rescue personnel responded to a
report that two people had gone over

            the dam near the Lena Davis Landing. Two men, in their
twenties, were floating in a large

            kiddy pool under the dam. Apparently the current had them
trapped below the dam. Members

            of the Cullowhee Fire Department threw them a rope and
pulled them to safety.


1835 05-1453 Alarm
Fac Mgt Warehouse Report

            Officers responded to an alarm at the Facilities Management
Warehouse. No problem located.


1957 05-1451 Too Fast for Conditions Central
Dr. Citation

            Officers issued a student a citation for driving too fast
for conditions.


2249 05-1452 Disturbance Off
Campus Report

            Jackson County deputies requested assistance of University
Officers at an off campus

            apartment complex where a pizza delivery person was being
harassed. When officers arrived

            the delivery person had left.


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