University Police Reports 7/21/05

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Date: 07/21/05
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Note: Beginning this morning there is an additional bit of information
in the headings of incidents. We are adding the case number assigned
the incident. This will make it easier to retrieve a report. The
reports will continue to be listed in date and time order so the case
numbers may be out of numerical sequence. Thanks.




1025 05-1446 Larceny
Scott hall Further Investigation

            University Officers received a report of a missing
(University property) vacuum cleaner.


1152 05-1447 Alarm
Walker hall Report

            University Officers responded to an alarm caused by
construction work. No trouble found.


1410 05-1448 Forgery/Credit Card
Robertson Hall Further Investigation

            A student reported unauthorized purchases on a credit card.


1940 05-1449 Distraught Student
Various Locales Report

            A student involved in a traffic accident and alcohol came to
the attention of University

            Police and the Counseling Center. The Highway Patrol
investigated the accident,

            EMS was called but the student was not transported to the


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