University pOlice Reports 7/22-7/25-05

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Date: 07/25/05
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2008 05-1456 Stop Sign Violation
Centennial Dr. Citation

            A driver was issued a citation for failing to stop for a
stop sign.




0012 05-1457 Assist EMS
Central Dr. Hall Report

            Officers assisted EMS with a female (non-student) reporting
severe chest pain and breathing problems.

            She was transported to Harris Regional Hospital.


0235 05-1458 NOL
SR1002 Citation

            Officers issued a non-student a citation for no operator's


0240 05-1459 Alarm
Outreach Center Report

            Officers responded to an alarm at the Outreach Center. No
trouble located.


            05-1460 Alarm
Stillwell Report

            Officers responded to an alarm which was first thought to be
coming from Stillwell but

            was determined to be from an emergency exit at Hunter


1754 05-1461 Call Box Activation
Field House Lot Report

            Officers responded to a call box activation. No one in the
lot was able to say who activated it.


1940 05-1462 Speeding
Forest Hills Rd. Citation

            A non student was issued a citation for 44 MPH in a 20 MPH




0056 05-1463 Alcohol Violation
Centennial Dr. Citation

            A male student was charged with driving after drinking under
21, possess open container,

            And a stop sign violation.


2006 05-1465 Expired Registration
Forest Hills Rd. Citation

            A driver was issued a citation for an expired registration
and failure to stop for a stop sign.


2026 05-1464 Found CAT Card
Walker A Lot Report

            A student turned a CAT Card into the police. Officers are
attempting to locate the owner.


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