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Kephart album pages 14 and 15.  Click for larger image.

Page 14

Upper photograph: "Looking up Hazel Creek from Medlin"

Lower photograph: "Road near Medlin"


Page 15 - Great Smoky Mountains

Upper left photograph: "Sheriff Collecting Taxes"

Middle left photograph: "The Mail Rider"

Middle right photograph: "Medlin from Sugar Fork (evening)"

Lower photograph(s): "Foot-bridges (of better class)

Notes: Page 14 lower photograph is missing from the album collection. The photograph shown is from folder 15 of the loose photographs in the collections and contains the note "Kephart Album - loose" on the back. It matched the tear marks on the pages and so is included here. Page 15 upper left photograph "Sheriff Collecting Taxes" is missing from the album collection. This photograph is from the loose photographs in the Kephart collection and included here as the caption on the page matches the photograph. This or a similar photograph was published in Our Southern Highlanders. Page 15 does contain six erased captions that were numbered. It is difficult to tell if Kephart meant to replace one or two photographs with the "Sheriff Collecting Taxes" photograph. The bottom photographs on both pages are missing or have not yet been identified. Please see explanation in About the Virtual Album.

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