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Horace Kephart's Photo Album

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Description of the album and explanation of editing process to create the virtual album that appears on the following pages.

Page 1.

Page 1 - Tuckaseegee River

Topographical map section of Hazel creek and Eagle Creek watersheds. Photographs of Kephart's "Camp Toco" on Dicks Creek where he first lived in western North Carolina. Reference to Cherokee legends connected with the name.

Pages 2 and 3.

Pages 2 and 3 - Tuckaseegee River

Photographic plates from Senate Document Number 84. Laura Davis spinning, Widow Davis weaving, Dave Brown's House, G. W. Baumgardner, Mrs. Alma Brown and Homer.

Pages 4 and 5.

Pages 4 and 5 - Tuckaseegee River

Photographic plate from Senate Document Number 84. W. H. Gates and family, George Davis, Homer Brown, Making Sorghum, Belle Brown, Jeff and Joe Robinson Families.

Pages 6 and 7 - Tuckaseegee River

Clippings of published photographs of western North Carolina forests. Photographs of the Turpin family and home.

Pages 8 and 9

Browns, Baumgardners, John Davis, Gates children, Trout Fishing, Desda Robinson and cousins.

Pages 10 and 11 - Annual Association of the Eastern Band of Cherokees, Birdtown on Ocona Lufty, Oct. 3, 1904.

Photographic plate from Senate Document Number 84. Horace Kephart, Camp on Dicks Creek, page of photographs from Cherokee Baptist Association meeting.

Pages 12 and 13 - Great Smoky Mountains

Topographical map section of Great Smoky Mountains. Medlin, NC, Granville Calhoun's family and store.

Pages 14 and 15 - Great Smoky Mountains

Hazel Creek, Medlin, Sheriff collecting taxes, Mail Rider.

Pages 16 and 17

Views of Wilson and Cook's Mill, Razorback, Old Charlie Medlin's Place, Rhododendron, also referred to as Laurel.

Pages 18 and 19 - Great Smoky Mountains

Page from Hardwood Record showing pictures from Hazel Creek area. The Everett Copper mine and surrounding area.

Pages 20 and 21 - Great Smoky Mountains

Clipping showing Timber Growth Characteristics, Cabin at Everett Mine, Walter Calhoun, Bee-gum.

Pages 22 and 23 - Great Smoky Mountains

Clipping showing Timber Growth Characteristics, 'Coon hunting, Indian Pipes, Rattlesnake, Poplar tree, Louis Hampton and children.

Pages 24 and 25 - Great Smoky Mountains

Clippings showing timber. Clingman Dome, Hall Cabin, Bear Hunting, Devil's Courthouse.

Pages 26 and 27 - Great Smoky Mountains

Clippings from Kephart's series "The Mountain Moonshiner" that appeared in Field and Stream in 1906. Quill Rose and family.

Pages 28 and 29 - Great Smoky Mountains

Clippings, Western Monteith, Quill Rose, moonshine, corn mills, and blacksmith shop.

Pages 30 and 31 - Great Smoky Mountains

Clipping of timber operations. Timber rattlesnakes.

Pages 32 and 33 - Great Smoky Mountains

Hall Cabin, J. B. Anderson, turkey hunting.

Pages 34 and 35 - Great Smoky Mountains

Hall Cabin, views of the Great Smoky Mountains, cooking.

Pages 36 and 37 - Great Smoky Mountains

Views of the Great Smoky Mountains, snakes, Hall Cabin.

Pages 38 and 39 - Great Smoky Mountains

Isaiah Kephart, Gold Buckhannon's [Buchannon] Mill, Hall Cabin, views of Great Smoky Mountains.

Pages 40 and 41 - Great Smoky Mountains

Clippings of Mount Mitchell and Black Mountains in North Carolina and spruce forests on Whitetop Mountain, Viriginia. Herder's Cabin at Siler's Meadow.

Pages 42 and 43 - Great Smoky Mountains

Clippings related to Balsam Mountains, Mount Pisgah, Junaluska, Nantahala Gorge, and forestry. Siler's Bald, Bone Valley Schoolhouse in Medlin, Bob Barnett, Jim Stewart.

Pages 44 and 45 - Great Smoky Mountains

Everett Copper Mine, Molly Davis, Mr and Mrs. Bob Barnett, F. B. Laney, Will Calhoun, Horace Kephart.

Pages 46 and 47 - Great Smoky Mountains

Jack Colburn, "Old Button" (a horse), Gintsey Bird Davis, Martha Gaines, family of Bob Barnett.

Pages 48 and 49 - Great Smoky Mountains

Granville Calhoun and family, Josh Calhoun and family, Will Calhoun, John Calhoun, Walter Calhoun, Matt Hyde's children, Western Monteith, Cotton Mills.

Pages 50 and 51

Ocoee River and Unaka Mountains in Tennessee, Whiteside Mountain in North Carolina, Caesar's Head in South Carolina, French Broad River at Paint Rock in North Carolina, First State Bank of Pineville, Kentucky.

Pages 52 and 53 - Lindale, Georgia

Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina; Lindale, Georgia.

Pages 54 and 55

Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina; Elk Creek Falls near Cranberry, North Carolina; Whitewater Falls, North Carolina; Clearing land in Mitchell County, North Carolina; Whitetop Mountain, Viriginia; lumber operations.

Pages 56 and 57

North Carolina locations and waterways: Linville Gorge, Catawba River, Mitchell County road, Sapphire Country, North Carolina, Cullasaja Falls, Mount Mitchell. Also rhododendron and erosion damage.

Pages 58 and 59

Great Smoky Mountains, Grandfather Mountains, and Linville Gorge areas of North Carolina. Also Toccoa Falls, Georgia and landslides including Roan Mountain.

Pages 60 and 61

Soil erosion, flooding, farming techniques. Walnutrun, North Carolina; Longcreek, Virginia; Big Yellow Mountain, Mitchell County, North Carolina.

Pages 62 and 63

Timber near Mount Rogers, Virginia.

Pages 64 and 65

Lime kiln, railway and mountain scenes.

Pages 66 and 67

Waterways and town scenes.

Pages 68 and 69

Camping, boating, and fishing or hunting.

Pages 70 and 71

Men and cabin.

Pages 72 and 73

People and houses.

Pages 74 and 75

People, buildings, hunting.

Pages 76 and 77

Camping, boating, hunting.

Pages 78 and 79

Waterways, Hunting or fishing.

Pages 80 and 81

Men, buildings.