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Page 16

Top photograph: "Wilson & Cook's Mill"

Bottom photograph: "A Razorback"


Page 17

Upper left photograph: "Old Charlie Medlin Place"

Upper right photograph: "Wilson & Cook's Mill"

Middle left photograph: "Laurel"

Middle right photograph: "Rhododendron in Bloom"

Lower left photograph: "W & C's Mill in Winter"

Lower right photograph: "W & C's Mill in Winter"

Notes: The bottom photograph on page 16 is missing from the album collection. The image shown here is from a photograph in the loose photographs of the Kephart Collection and was moved to the album collection. Page 17 contains six erased captions that had numbers plus one additional erased comment. The lower left caption did read "The Care taker," suggesting the Kephart made significant changes when he reworked this page. In preparing the image for album page 17, it was difficult to determine the original orientation of the photograph "Rhododendron in Bloom." Please see explanation in About the Virtual Album.

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