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Online Exhibit: Appalachian People: The Turpin Family

The Turpin family, Stella Turpin, and Diary Index mentioning the Turpins.

Turpin House.Contrasting the Brown family and cabin Kephart emphasized in his publications, the Turpin family of the same community lived in this two story frame home in the rural Barker's Creek Community of Jackson County, North Carolina.

Kephart's diary index mentions the Turpin family among the first people he met after arriving in western North Carolina. He also refers to Stella Turpin selling buttermilk.

The Turpin home stands in stark contrast to the cabins Kephart published as being "typical" of mountain communities. While not published, photographs of the Turpin home and family members are included in Kephart's personal album. Here, the photograph of Mr. Turpin and his wife holding a well worn Bible, and other family photographs, offer another view of Southern Appalachian people and culture.

Mr. and Mrs. Turpin.Ella Turpin.
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