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Online Exhibit: Appalachian People

Appalachian People - showing the Turpin Family.

Bryson City Bridge

Copy Lens Case

Alma and Homer Brown

G. W. Baumgardner

Dave Brown's House

Granville Calhoun Family

Gates Children

Widow Davis and Cabin

Laura and Widow Davis

Diary Index

Stella Turpin

Turpin Family


Kephart maintained a long time interest in photography both as a hobby and to supplement his writings. But camera operation, particular of outdoor subjects, required a complex knowledge of camera settings and adjustments.

She Knows No Other Lot.....

Of hundreds of photographs, Kephart chose only a select few to represent the region. This selection process is demonstrated though this series of photographs set by a hole in a cabin wall.

Mountain Families

Soon after his arrival in western North Carolina, Kephart began photographing area families.

A Typical Mountain Home

Kephart maintained a particular interest in mountain architecture. Cabins and frame houses dot the landscape of his community and photo album.

The Turpins

The Turpin family was among Kephart's first mountain acquaintances. Shown in the photograph above, this family typifies an often overlooked view of the early 20th century Appalachian home.

Original spelling and syntax retained in all quotations within this exhibit.

Lens Filter

Camera Tripod


Young man

George Davis and Homer Brown

Jeff and Joe Robinson Families

W. E. Gates Family

Laura and Widow Davis

Dogtrot cabin

Ella Turpin

Turpin House

Mr. and Mrs. Turpin