Cherokee Phoenix

From the Albany Temperance Record

Published August, 31, 1833

Page 2 Column 5a

From the Albany Temperance Record.

Mr. Editor,- I am very happy to cast in my mice to aid the powerful machinery which you are putting in motion, though the light rhymes which I send are but as an insect on the chariot wheels, hastening, I trust, to victory.

First gift to the Indians at Albany.

Albany was first visited by its discoverer, Capt. Hudson, on the 19 of September, 1609. The frank and generous natives, made his people everywhere welcome, and they in return, made their hearts gay with wine and aqua vitae, till some became intoxicated, and greatly astonished the others.-[Watson's Historie Tales of the Olden Times.]

They come '-They come'- the pallid race,

The red men gather from the chase,

From forest shade, and light canoe,

They throng that 'water-bird' to view,

Whose mighty wings that near the shore,

Perchance their great Manitto bore.

Frank is their welcome to the band,

The ready smile,-the open hand,

The proffer'd fruits, with gladness prest,

The purple plumb in downy vest,

The clustering grape,-the sheaf of gold,

The untaught greeting, warm and bold.

But by what gifts, what token strong

Dip Europe's sons renown'd in song.

Mark their first visit to the child

Of simple faith, and daring wild!

A cup'-a cup'- but who may tell

What deadly dregs within its swell?

The sickening eye,-the burning cheek.

The reeling form, strange speak,

And on the turf of verdant eye,

In brief and maddening trances they lie;-

Type of the woes that soon must sweep

Their blasted race away,

Down to oblivion dark and deep,

With none their hopeless wrong to weep,

Or mourn their sad decay.

Yes, when the Old World hastening prest

Her friendships on its infant west,

The boon she thought, the pledge she gave

Was poison and a drunkard's grave.

But thou, fair city, thron'd in pride,

Queen of the Hudson's silvertide,

Well hast thou by the deeds effac'd

This stain upon thine annal trac'd.

Well has thou by the zeal to aid

Temperance, since early trespass paid:

And as the kneeling form that prest

A Savior's tears lav'd feet was blest,

So hast thou shown, with victor sway,

That love which washes sin away.

Hartford, June 26th 1833. L.H.S.