Cherokee Phoenix

From Poulson's Advertiser

Published August, 31, 1833

Page 2 Column 5b

From Poulson's Advertiser.

The Seneca and Onondaga Indians.- At the Annual council of the chiefs and headmen of the Seneca and Onondaga Nations of Indians, convened at the Council House, at Buffalo Creek, in the State of New York, on the 8th of June, A.D. 1833 all the chiefs and head men of the Seneca Reservations in the state being present-Judge Striker the Indian Agent, introduced the propositions heretofore made to them by the Secretary of War of the United States, in relation to sending a delegation to witness the survey and examine lands at Green Bay, and to accept the same lands if they should deem it expedient. And after many days' discussion and debate, and after mature deliberation, a large majority of the council passed the following resolutions:

Resolved, That we, the chiefs and head men of the Seneca and Onondaga Nations of Indians, are now possessed of lands within this state amply sufficient for ourselves and our children, and that we have no inclination whatever to remove therefrom.

Resolved, That we will not accept the propositions made to us by the Secretary of War, through our agent, to appoint a delegation to witness a survey of lands at Green Bay, nor will we in anywise (sic) interest ourselves concerning said proposition.

Signed- Corn Planter, Gov. Black Snake, James Robinson, John Pierce, White Seneca, Little Johnson, Big Kettle, Israel Jemison, Jimmy Johnson, Charles O'Beal, William Patterson, Jacob Black Snake, George Kilbuck, Long John, George Bennett, Samuel Gordon, Captain Snow, Tommy Jimmy, Doxtator, John Snow of Cataraugus; Green Blanket, John Hudson, Blue Sky, Young Chief, John Looke, Isaac Davis, Black Smith Chief, John Sky, George Kenjaktadih, Daniel Two Guns, Thompson S. Harris Jr., Mark Charles, White Chief, Captain Jonas, Captain Cole, Captain Peters, Col. Smith, Samuel George, George Button, Capt. Jones, Chief Warrior, Blue Eyes, Levi Halftown, Jack Show, George Deer, Two Guns, George Red Eye