Cherokee Phoenix


Published January, 19, 1833

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God save the Indians from the tender mercies of the avaricious people of this land!- Secretary Cass says 'a very extensive tract of country lying to the west and north of Arkansas Territory, has lately been set apart for the colonization of the Indians.'

And is this the place fellow citizens to which 'your servants' are about to drive these helpless children of the forest? Do they-do you know what kind of a country it is?

The celebrated Red Jacket, speaking of a much better location than that now under consideration remarked, it could not be better,(if as good) as where he then was, else why did the white man want him to go there? Why not go there himself?

So we may now ask, if that country be as good as the Indian Territory, why not give it to those who are thirsting after the lands which of right belong to the Cherokees?--ah no! these crafty whites know it is good for nothing IT IS A BARREN DESERT!! If a line be drawn a little west of south from Council Bluff, on the Missouri to near the junction of the 'False of Washita' with the Red River, which separates us from Texas, it will show the beginning of a great desert six hundred miles in width east and west, and extending nearly the whole breadth of the country; at all events it may safely be said to extend from the line above described 600 miles westward to the foot of the 'Rocky Mountains' and from Rio Roxo or Red River on the south, to the Platta River on the north.