Cherokee Phoenix

Extracts for the Cherokee Phoenix from an old book entitled.- 'The non such professor'

Published January, 19, 1833

Page 1 Column 5b

Extracts for the Cherokee Phoenix from an old book entitled.- 'The non such professor'-


29. There is no instruction to be got from the sundial of duty, except the sun of righteousness shine upon it.

30. The law condemns those as criminals, who lay claim to the crown royal, when they are not of the blood royal.

31. A believer is like the mariners compass, which is governed by the constant heavens, and not by the variable winds.

32. It is dangerous to dress ourselves for another world by the looking glass of this world.

33. Great men's vices are more imitated than men's graces. The Persians thought a crooked nose a great ornament because seated on the face of their Emperor, and the whole court would go away, because such a neck was on the shoulders of Alexander.

34. There is a rotten possessor who says in his heart,'why may I not be drunk as well as Noah and commit adultery as well as David? Did you over hear any who beat out their eyes because others were smitten with blindness? Their faults are not landmarks to direct travellers, but sea marks to warn mariners.

35. Grace is not such a beggarly Visitant, as will not pay its own way.

36. Many a man's days deceive him, they pass away like a shadow by moonshine which appears longest, when the moon is lowest.

37. He who now gives way to the least sin, way be given up to the greatest sin. Why should you venture on slippery places who can scarcely stand upon the firmest ground? Who will pity the man whose house is blown up with powder if he heap his barrels in the chimney corner? The fable saitih that the butterfly enquired of the owl, how she should do with a candle that had singed her wings. the owl counselled her not so much as to behold its smoke.

38. He who would not hear the bell of eternal death should not finger with the rope of sin.

39. Too many think that God is cutting down the tree when he is but lopping off its luxuriant branches, putting out the light when he is but snuffing the candle. When the stars do not shine; the sun appears, repairing the loss of lesser lights with brighter beams.

39. (this number is repeated) Because Justice seems to wink men suppose her blind. Security resembles a flash of lightening which at _____ in a clap of thunder. The rising sun in the morning was no proof that sodom should not be entombed in its ashes before the evening.

40 To prise (sic) ourselves by what we leave and not by what we are, is to estimate the value of the Jewel by the golden frame that contains it. The most curious parts are often enclosed in the most rugged shells.

41. All the grapes in Christ's Vineyard, must pass rough the winepress.

42. Spiritual prayer resembles Noah's dove which returned with an olive branch. It is a traffic for those commodities which are laid up only in heaven's storehouse.