Cherokee Phoenix


Published November, 12, 1831

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DIED- On the 23d inst. at Cindy's Creek, NOAH, a son of John Vail, missionary at Brainerd, in the 22d year of his age. This is the third child Mr. and Mrs. Vail have been called to bury within seven months. Mr. Vail was with his son at the time of his death; and was not a little comforted by the sympathetic prayers and tears of his missionary, and especially his Cherokee friends. The neighbors very generally assembled; and after a number of prayers by missionaries, and family worship, the Cherokee brethren continued religious exercises for a number of hours, singing and praying, sometimes in English and sometimes in Cherokee. They were affected, and fervent in their supplications for the dear youth, and would not leave the throne of grace until eyes were closed in death.


DIED.- At Brainerd, on the 16 of September, Miss MARY ANN VAIL, after a short, but painful illness, aged seventeen.

The manner in which this young Christian was enabled to meet the king of terrors, has left, upon the minds of those who stood around her dying bed, a deep sense of the value of that holy religion, which has ever proved an unfailing support, when flesh and heart faileth in the morning of life, she hearkened to the voice of wisdom, gave her heart to God,-joined herself to his people; and when assured that the hour of her departure was at hand, she appeared to be favored with a view of heaven, and its glories, which made her anxious to leave this world of sin and sorrow, and take possession of that rest which remaineth for the people of God.

On the evening of the fourth day, being partially relieved from severe pain, she conversed freely with her father, told him that she did not expect to recover, and requested him to tell her, whenever he thought her dying, saying, it would not alarm her. Speaking of her brother, she said, 'I want to see him and tell him that a sick bed is a poor place for repentance. It is quite difficulty, that I can collect a sentence, to pray for him, and E. If I do not live until he comes, tell him, from me, to repent and love the Savior.' After her father had prayed with her, he heard her praying for her brother and sister, for the mission family, and the Cherokees. For herself, she only asked that her last moments might not be cloudy.- The next morning she called her young companions, Cherokee and white, around her bed, and affectionately invited them to seek religion now;-spoke to them of the great love, and wonderful compassion of her Savior; and of the happiness of heaven, where she greatly desired to meet them.

Her afflicted parents and the mission family mourn, but not without hope, for they remember that, a voice from heaven has said, 'Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.'