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Cherokee Missionaries.-- At a meeting of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions; h

Published November, 12, 1831

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Cherokee Missionaries.-- At a meeting of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions; held at New Haven on the 7th inst., the subject came up, and the following resolutions adopted in relation to it.

The Hon. Jonas Platt, Rev. Drs. McAuly and Spring, professor Goodrich, and Hon. Wm. Reed were appointed a Committee to report on the expediency of memorializing the Government of the United States in behalf of the missionaries among the Cherokees, now imprisoned.-- This was a subject of much interest to the Board, and one which called forth the deep feelings of their hearts. But little time, however, was occupied in discussing it. The following is the report of the Committee.

The Committee to whom was referred the consideration of the present state and prospects of the missionary stations among the Indians in the southwestern part of the United States, would respectfully report the following preamble and resolutions for the adoption of the Board.

Whereas this Board, with the consent and approbation of the President of the United States, and in conformity to the laws thereof, did establish missionary stations in various parts of the southwestern territory of this country, and particularly among the Cherokee Nation of Indians, when under the acknowledged jurisdiction of the United States as qualified by treaties;

And Whereas the state of Georgia has recently laid a claim to an exclusive jurisdiction over the said Cherokee territory, and enacted laws which are represented to the missionaries of this Board by able counsel, to be contrary to the Constitution and laws of the United States, and subversive of their rights as citizens of the same;

And whereas Samuel Austin Worcester, and Elizur Butler, missionaries of this Board, have chosen to consider themselves as being and remaining under the protection of the United States, until the question of jurisdiction shall be definitely decided by the highest legal tribunals thereof; and have therefore declined either to take the oath of allegiance to the state of Georgia, and obtain a license from the Governor to reside in said territory, or to depart therefrom and are in consequence now under sentence of imprisonment for the term of four years, in the Penitentiary of said state, therefore,

Resolved, 1. That as far as the facts of the case are now before this Board, this Board do approve of the conduct of their missionaries under these trying circumstances.

Resolved, 2.- That the Prudential Committee be directed to prepare and publish a concise statement of facts respecting the missions established by this Board among the South Western Tribes of Indians; comprising a notice of the circumstances of those tribes prior to, and at the commencement of our missionary operations among them, with a view of the progress of social, intellectual, moral, ' religious improvement among the Indians, and of the aid, sanction, and encouragement originally, and from time to time, extended to those missions by the government of the United States; with estimates of the monies expended in the establishment and progress of those benevolent operations, and all the essential particulars respecting the state and prospect of these tribes, and of the several missions among them, in connection with a statement of the proceedings of the United States Government, and of the State of Georgia, affecting the rights of the Indians, and finally interrupting missions and arresting and imprisoning some of the missionaries.

Resolved, 3. That the Prudential Committee be, and they are hereby directed to address a respectful memorial to the President of the United States, claiming the protection of the Executive Government for the missionaries of the Board among the Southwestern Indians, and at their discretion, to present a memorial to Congress on the same subject.

Resolved, 4. That it be recommended to the churches, to make the present condition and the trials of those suffering imprisoned missionaries of the Board the subject of special prayer to Almighty God, and particularly in the monthly concert on the first Monday in December next, that this dark dispensation may be overruled, to the extension of the Gospel and the ultimate prosperity of the missionary cause.