Cherokee Phoenix


Published December, 3, 1828

Page 3 Column 2b


On Monday (in N. Y. ) there was a grand military parade, Gen. Morton commanding, to give the Indian Chiefs an opportunity to view a specimen of the physical force of the country,.- They appeared to be gratified, especially with the horsemen. An arrangement was made to have the cannon discharged at the moment the Indians were passing them in the rear without their being apprised of the intention to see what effect it would produce; and, strange as it may seem, they did not move a muscle, or appear to regard it. At the conclusion of the parade the Chiefs assembled at the Governor's room in the City Hall, where were present the Mayor and other officers of the City Government. After partaking of a simple collation, the Chief Naukaw, (or Wood) addressed the Mayor in a short speech or talk. We have been favored by Col. Kinzie with the substance of if, as follows:-

'Father! the chiefs of my nation, now before you, with myself, are very glad to see you. We are glad also to see your peace officers ( Alderman, 'c.) and your war chiefs (the military officers) around you, and to hold you fast by the hand. We thank the Great Spirit above for giving us so clear a sky, today to meet you and your young warriors.- We thank you for the milk (meaning cider, 'c.) and bread which you have helped us to and we shall keep in our breasts your kindness to us today. So good by.'

The Chiefs left the city yesterday morning in the steamboat for Philadelphia, on their way to the Seat of Government.- J. of Com.