Cherokee Phoenix

MARRIED--- At Two Runs, in the Cherokee Nation, by the Rev. Mr. Henderson, Rev. James Trott, mission

Published February, 28, 1828

Page 3 Column 5b

MARRIED--- At Two Runs, in the Cherokee Nation, by the Rev. Mr. Henderson, Rev. James Trott, missionary of the Methodist Episcopal Church, to Miss Sally Adair of the former place.

DIED--- At Tellico, Ten., on the first inst. of consumption, the Rev. RICHARD NEALY aged 26 years, formerly a missionary of the Methodist Episcopal church, and late a citizen of the Cherokee Nation.

At Coosewatee, KEELECHULE an aged member of the National Council.

At Willstown, on the 18th inst. very suddenly, Rev. ARD HOYT, missionary of the American Board of Foreign Missions.


Saturday May 22, 1830

Volume 3 No. 5

Page 4 col. 5b


At the Valley Towns by the Rev. E. Jones, 12th April, 1830, A-ga-lu-ga to Ga-lo-nus-gee, Dsu-do-dsa-la to Ga-lu-sda-ye, Dso-sdo-suh to Du-na-ye, Guh-na-ne-da to Yo-gwe-se, Oe-dsa-lu-de to Dse-ge-eh.



Thursday April 24, 1828

Volume 1 No. 10

Page 3 Col. 5b


We were in hopes of obtaining, for the columns of our paper, a biographical notice of the late Rev. John Gambold, one of the first Missionaries of this Nation. At present, we merely give a Notice of his death, sent to us by a bereaved fellow labourer [sic].- We take pleasure in inserting it, though at this late hour.

Departed from this life, November 7th 1827, at the Moravian Missionary station at Ochgelogy among the Cherokees, the Rev. JOHN GAMBOLD; Aged 67 years, 4 months and 21 days, of a pectoral dropsy.

His faithfulness, humility, and zeal for the missionary cause, in behalf of which he sacrificed every thing, his childlike confidence in the heavenly Father, which was never shaken, even in the most difficult and pressing circumstances, his philanthropic, collected, and highly circumspect behaviour [sic] in word and deed, which was so peculiarly adopted to the character of the nation, among which he preached the Gospel, and by which he was esteemed and loved as a Father-, all these qualities will insure to the dear deceased a grateful and glorious tribute in the ranks of departed, and illustrious missionaries.



Saturday June 5, 1830

Volume 3 No. 7

Page 3 Col. 5

DIED- At the Head of Coosa, on the 22d of May, DANIEL ROSS, aged about 70 years, a respectable citizen of this Nation.



Wednesday, June 4, 1828

Volume 1 No. 15

Page 3 Col. 5a

DIED- On the 27 inst., about 1 o'clock A. M. Captain JOHN SPEER, in the 48th year of his age. He as a kind Husband, an affectionate Father, a faithful Friend and a good neighbour [sic].

He had left a very affectionate wife and several children to lament their irreparable loss.

He has served about ten years as Interpreter for the United States at the Cherokee Agency, which office he filled with credit to himself and with faithfulness to the government ' justice to his own people.

He was a brave man in the field, and distinguished himself at the battle of the Horse Shoe, where he commanded a company of Cherokees, and where he received a severe wound in the left breast, which no doubt was eventually the cause of his death.

He was confined to his bed about nine days in great pain, which he bore with patience and resignation, and at last expired almost without a struggle. His burial was numerously attended, and his neighbors who knew well his worth, sympathized freely in the many tears shed by his friends.


28th May, 1828.



Wednesday July 2, 1828

Volume 1 No. 19

Page 3 Col. 4b

RIDGE'S FERRY, 24th April, 1828

Mr. Editor:- We were again visited by death in the person of an elderly Lady, OO-DAH-YEE, at the Savanna, 10 miles from here, on the 22d inst. She was a woman distinguished through life for honesty and industry, habits of application to Agricultural pursuits, and the support of a large family, that would give to any of the other sex a claim for admiration.- Unassisted by education, only in the knowledge of simple addition and subtraction which is within the reach of uncultivated minds, she, by dint application in farming and trading, had accumulated a very handsome property, consisting of household furniture, mill, waggon [sic], horses ' cattle, sheep, Negro Slaves and some money, all of which she has left to an only daughter and three grand children, who are now called to mourn her loss. She did amidst friends in the wilderness, far from the consolations of religious guide, or those who could direct her to a Saviour [sic]. Her last words were, 'I am gone before.' I had a coffin made for her and sent to her from here, and before she was consigned to her long repose, I am informed, that all present took her by the hand and bid her adieu! She died of the Pleurisy.




Died at my house in Wills-valley, KA-NA-SE-TA. He was a good man, a professor of religion, and an exhorter. His disorder was consumption, of a year's continuance. He was a member of the Methodist Society. His good words were many; for he exhorted his friends, Remember the commandments of our Savior, for we know not the time of our death, Now in truth he no longer lives here upon earth, but his spirit dwells with our Savior in heaven.




Wednesday August 20, 1828

Volume 1 No. 25

Page 3 Col. 6b

MARRIED- On Sunday 17 inst. by the Rev. John Mitchess, Mr. JOHN BREWER to MISS ELIZABETH daughter of Richard Taylor of Chickamauga District.



Wednesday October 15, 1828

Volume 1 No. 33

Page 3 Col. 5b

MARRIED- On Thursday last, by the Rev. Mr. Byhan, Mr. David Vann, Esq. of High Tower District, to Miss Martha, youngest daughter of Capt. David M'Nair of Amohee District.



Wednesday October 29, 1828

Volume 1 No. 35

Page 3 Col. 5b

MARRIED- On Thursday 23 inst. by the Rev. Mr. Samuel A. Worcester, Mr. George W. Gunter of Creek Path, to Miss Eliza Nave daughter of Mr. Henry Nave of Rossville, Chickamauga District.



Wednesday January 14, 1829

Volume 1 No. 44

Page 3 col. 4b

DIED at the Hermitage, near Nashville, Tenn. on the 22d of December last, Mrs. RACHEL JACKSON, wife of General Andrew Jackson, President elect of the United States.



Wednesday February 11, 1829

Page 3 Col. 4b

MARRIED- On the 2d. inst. at Carmel, by the Rev. John Thompson, Mr. GEORGE CANDY to Miss ELIZABETH H. BELL, daughter of Mr. John Bell of Coosawatee.



Wednesday April 29, 1829

Volume 2 No. 7

Page 3 Col. 3b

Married on the 3d of March, at the Asbury Missionary Institution, near Fort Mitchell, Creek Nation, by the Rev. Mr. Hill, Mr. James Hill of the U. S. Army, to Miss Amanda Doyle, a Creek pupil of the institution.- This establishment is under the charge of Mr. and Mrs. Hill, who were desirous of showing the natives how this ceremony is performed in a refined state of society, and the highest encomiums are due them for their entire success. Great exertion and ingenuity were necessary to accomplish it.- The company consisted of about twenty white persons and one hundred and fifty natives. The bride and her two maids were dressed with great taste and propriety, according to the fashion of the age. The groom and his two associates were in full military costume; and those persons present, accustomed to wedding scenes, pronounced the bridal party one of the handsomest they had ever witnessed. After the marriage ceremony, the happy pair were congratulated with all good wishes; cake and wine were passed round, and in due time a bountiful supper was partaken of by the whole company, and the evening passed off in the most agreeable manner possible. All parties seemed delighted with the occasion. A number of strangers present, will never forget the kind and hospitable reception given them by Mr. and Mrs. Hill.- Georgia Courier.



Wednesday April 29, 1829

Volume 2 No. 7

Page 3 Col. 5b


In this town, on Thursday evening last, by Rev. S. A. Worcester, Mr. JOHN F. WHEELER printer of the Cherokee Phoenix, to Miss NANCY WATIE of Oougilogee.