Cherokee Phoenix


Published February, 28, 1828

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Mr. Boudinott- The following very brief summary view of the Missions of Foreign Missionary Societies in the United States is offered for your disposal. It is formed chiefly from the January number of the Missionary Herald.


The whole number of preachers of the Gospel stated to be in the employment of the American Board is ---------------------------------------------------------41.

Physicians, [besides one who is also a preacher.) 4

Teachers, 27

Printers 3

Farmers 17

Mechanics 6

Females, married and unmarried 102

Whole number of Missionaries and assistants 200

The preachers of the Gospel are stationed indifferent parts of the world as follows:

India (Bombay and Ceylon) 9

Western Asia 6

Sandwich Islands, 7

Cherokees* 5

Choctaws 3

Cherokees of Arkansas 2

Osages, 6

Maumee Indians 1

Mackinaw Indians 1

Seneca Indians 1

Total as above 41

The number of pupils in the schools under the care of missionaries of the Board is not less than 30,000, and about 5000 native teachers are employed (chiefly in India and the Sandwich Islands. Not far from 300 persons have received into the Mission churches. The number of books and pamphlets published by the missionaries of the Board in foreign languages is estimated at 426,360.


The missions of the American Baptist Board are in India, Western Africa, and among the Indians in North America.- The number of its ordained missionaries is 10; viz. five in Burmah [sic], India, one in the colony of Liberia, Africa, one among the Creek Indians, two among the Cherokees, and one at the Choctaw Academy in Kentucky.


The American Methodists have missions among several tribes of the North American Indians; viz: the Creeks, Cherokees, Putawatomies, Wyandots, Mohawks, and is stated to be 12 in all;; but the number apportioned to each tribe I have not the means of ascertaining.


The Missions of the United Brethren are all, I believe, under the direction of the same society, the seat of whose operations is in Europe. Those in which the churches in the United States are particularly concerned are among the Cherokees and the Delawares in Upper Canada. In this nation they have two preachers of the Gospel, and two among the Delaware Indians.


The Missions lately under the care of the Synod of South Carolina and Georgia are among the Chickasaw Indians, where are four stations, and three ordained missionaries. The care of these missions has been recently transferred to the American Board.


The Cumberland Presbyterians have one station and one ordained missionary among the

Chickasaw Indians.


The whole number of stations supported by American Foreign Mission Societies is 62

Number of ordained missionaries 71

Missionaries of all classes, and

both sexes about 260

Learners in Mission Schools about 31,000

Latest annual expenditures

of the American Board. $104,430

American Baptist Board 15,408

Methodist, about 6,000

United Brethren [in 1825] 860

Others, unknown

Total not far from $130,000

*Including the Rev. Mr. Hoyt, since dead.