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Sustainable Energy Initiative



The project proposal period for 2017 will be opened during the month of March. 

Project proposal work shop dates:




5:00pm to 6:00pm in the UC Rogers Room 

The WCU Sustainable Energy Initiative is a committee of students, faculty and staff advisers that are responsible for allocating money towards the implementation of renewable energy, energy efficiency improvements, research, and internships on campus.  The committee's annual operating budget comes from a self-imposed student fee of $5 per student per semester. Every SEI Project Proposal must clearly demonstrate these two goals:

  • Project relation to sustainability
  • Educational value to student(s)

WCU-SEI Committee Members 
Approved SEI Bylaws 

SEI meeting minutes 1-13-2017 

SEI meeting minutes 1- 27- 2017 

SEI meeting minutes  2-10-2017

SEI meeting minutes 2- 24- 2017

SEI meeting minutes 3-18-2017

SEI meeting minutes 3-27-2017

SEI funded Projects 2017 cycle

Are you a student that is interested in being on the WCU-SEI committee? This is great opportunity to shape the future of WCU and make an impact in your community! Applications for student committee members will be accepted in spring 2017. For more information please contact the Office of Sustainability and Energy Management at or 828-227-3562. To apply, fill out this form: SEI Student Committee Application 

Have an idea?



Do you have an environmentally friendly idea for WCU?  The SEI committee is eager to hear your ideas for energy efficient programs, renewable energy projects, recycling ideas, internships, research and more. Faculty, staff or students can submit a proposal idea! For more information and application details contact Joseph Guseman or Lauren Bishop

Submit to Joseph Guseman or Lauren Bishop

The project proposal period for 2017 will be opened during the month of March. 

SEI Project Proposal Form

Recent Projects

Electron Garden: a solar-powered hammock lounge designed and supported by students

Dirtmaker: a nature-based sculpture promoting sustainability and aesthetics on campus

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