University Police Reports 01/19/07

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Date: 01/19/07
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1314 07-00221 Warrant Service Forsyth Arrest

     Officers assisted the Jackson County Sheriffs Department with a
warrant service at Forsyth.


1200 07-00224 Larceny Helder Hall Report

     Officers are investigating an ongoing dispute between roommates
with possible larceny implications.


1807 07-00226 Fire Alarm Village Report

     Officers were notified of a fire alarm sounding at the village but
learned it was a fire drill being conducted by the Residential Living




2308 07-00229 Harassment Norton Report

     A student reported receiving unwanted IM messages from a male
non-student she could identify.


0019 07-00232 Larceny Leatherwood Arrest x1; Referral x1

     A male student was arrested for DWI and Reckless Driving after
crashing a vehicle into the stop sign at the intersection of Forrest
Hills Road and Centennial Drive. Another male student (not related to
the crash) received a UJC for taking and possessing the state "STOP"
sign from the scene of the traffic accident.


0104 07-00233 Vandalism / fire alarm Walker Hall Report

     Officers are investigating the molestation of a fire extinguisher
and vandalism to state property after responding with the Cullowhee Fire
Department to a fire alarm activation at Walker Hall.



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