University Police Reports 12/4/06

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Date: 12/04/06
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1720 06-05500 Harassment Central Hall Report

     Officers responding to the report of a domestic dispute between a
male and female student were advised no prosecution was wanted.


2310 06-05503 Vehicle Violation Leatherwood lot Report

     Officers seized a student's NC license plate pursuant to finding
the vehicle had an insurance stop/pick up tag request on file from the
Department of Motor Vehicles.




1114 06-05508 Fire Alarm Cullowhee Baptist. Church Report

     Officers assisted with traffic during a fire alarm activation at
Cullowhee Baptist Church.


1400 06-05512 Larceny Village Report

     A student reports her parking permit and other items were stolen
from inside her locked vehicle while it was parked at the Village during
the night of 11/20/06.


1645 06-05513 Larceny Reid Lot Report

     Officers are investigating a student's purse being taken from
inside her vehicle while it was parked in the Reid Gym parking lot on
12/1/06 between 5:45pm and 6pm.


1430 06-05514 Larceny Fieldhouse lot Report

     A student reported a dealers tag was stolen from his vehicle while
it was parked in the Fieldhouse lot between 11/27 and 12/01/06.


2040 06-05518 Drug Violations Scott Hall Arrest x3 &
Referrals x3

     Officers responding to a suspicious odor call resulted in one
female and one male student being arrested and receiving UJC's for
possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, one male student
received a UJC for being in the room while marijuana was being used, and
one non-student male was arrested for possession of marijuana and drug




0830 06-05520 Suspicious Person Village Ban

     Officers investigating a reported suspicious person at the Village
located the non-student and upon questioning the male was banned from


2317 06-05521 Mutual Aid River Park Report

     Officers assisted Deputies with a domestic disturbance off campus
at the River Park Mobile Home Park.


0015 06-05522 Disturbance Scott Arrest

     Officers responded to the report of a male being intoxicated and
harassing females in Scott Hall. The male student was located and
charged with being Intoxicated and Disruptive in a public place and
resisting a public officer.


0504 06-05527 Distraught Student Helder Arrest

     Officers assisted a distraught student at Helder Hall assuring the
student was offered all available assistance with their problems.


0600 06-05529 Mutual Aid University Suites Report

     Officers assisted the Jackson County Sheriffs Department off campus
at the University Suites following the death of a WCU student.





0414 06-05544 Distraught Student Walker Report

     Officers assisted EMS with a distraught student assuring all
available assistance was received.


1429 06-05548 Larceny Off Campus/Peaks Referred

     A student reports her vehicle was entered with her purse and
contents stolen while it was parked at the Catamount Peaks last night.
The incident was referred to Jackson County Sheriffs Department for


2344 06-05540 Alcohol Violations Walker Referrals x4

     Four male students received UJC's for underage consumption of
alcohol in Walker Hall.


1520 06-05549 Disturbance Leatherwood Referral

     A student received a UJC referral after officers responded to
assist Residential Living staff when the student refused cooperation,
was argumentative and became belligerent with the RA's when ask to turn
his music down.


1200 06-05550 Larceny Village overflow lot Report

     A student reports his vehicle was vandalized with items stolen from
inside while it was parked in the overflow parking area at the village
between 11/30 and 12/3/06.


1857 06-05553 Mutual Aid Moss Apartments Report

     Officers assisted the Deputies with a reported fight in progress at
Moss Apartments.




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