University Police Reports 12/5/06

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Date: 12/05/06
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1300 06-05559 Larceny Old Centennial Dr. Report

     A student reported their WCU parking decal stolen from their
vehicle while it was parked along Old Centennial Drive on 12/01/06.





2230 06-05554 Dispute/B&E Scott Referral

     A student entering another student's room without the resident
present and without permission to enter to retrieved their own personal
belongings. Criminal prosecution was not wanted and officers issued a
UJC for entering without permission.





2153 06-05567 Drug Violation Scott Referral

      A student in Scott Hall received a UJC referral for possession of
marijuana and drug paraphernalia.


2348 06-05568 Alcohol Violation Scott Arrest x1, UJC x6

     In Scott Hall one student received a state citation plus a UJC for
underage consumption/possession of alcohol while 5 other students
received UJC's for underage consumption of alcohol.





0120 06-05570 Drug Violation Norton Hall Arrest/Ban

     A non-student male who was visiting a student at Norton Hall was
arrested for possession of Marijuana and Banned from Campus.


0042 06-05571 Disorderly Conduct Scott Referral

     A female student received a UJC for disorderly conduct when she
became irate and belligerent, involving herself in a police
investigation that she originally was not involved in.


0200 06-05572 Locate Runaway Centennial Dr. Report/Ban

     A routine traffic stop located a 16 yoa female runaway from Union
County. Notifications were made and the juvenile waited at the PD until
her mother arrived. The juvenile was banned from campus.




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