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Date: 09/23/06
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0038 06-04288 Fire Trouble Albright/Benton Report

     The police department received a trouble alarm report for
Albright/Benton and Facilities Management was notified.


0800 06-04292 Burglar Alarm Hunter Report

     Officers responding to an alarm at Hunter found it was accidentally
activated by staff.


1239 06-04296 Damage to Vehicle Camp Lab Parking Report

     A student reported an attempted break-in to her vehicle while it
was parked in the Camp Lab parking area. Officers investigating found
the window had been broken accidentally by a rock during mowing.


1740 06-04301 Fire Alarm Guest House Report

     Officers responding to a fire alarm at the Guest House found it was
activated because of a power outage.


1900 06-04303 Ordinance Violation Belk Referral

     Two students received UJC's for violation of the skateboarding
policy near Belk after being duly warned by officers.


2030 06-04309 Traffic Accident Leatherwood Citation

     Officers investigating a hit and run involving a student's vehicle
being damaged located the suspect vehicle and issued the driver, also a
student, a state citation for failing to report an accident and leaving
the scene.





0050 06-04314 Alcohol Violation Walker Hall Citation

     A student at Walker Hall received a state citation for underage
possession of alcohol and for the use of another's license to purchase
the alcohol.


0800 06-04321 Vandalism Leatherwood Hall Report

     Officers are investigating vandalism to a 4th floor bathroom in
Leatherwood that involved obscene graffiti with a permanent marker.


0500 06-04323 B&E / Larceny Benton Report

     Officers are investigating a breaking and entering of a student's
room by removing the window screen and reaching through to take a box


2130 06-04327 Alcohol Violation Leatherwood Referral x4
/Citations x2

     Four students received UJC referrals for underage consumption of
alcohol in Leatherwood Hall, one student received a state citation for
possessing alcohol under 21 and another student received a state
citation for aid and abet possession of underage individuals in
possession/consumption of alcohol.





0150 06-04331 Vandalism Scott Hall Report

     Officers are investigating damage to state property involving
throwing trash in the hallway and damaging an Exit sign in Scott Hall.


1012 06-04335 Alarm UC Report

     Officers responded to an alarm at the UC. No problem was found.


1045 06-04338 Traffic Accident Baptist Church Lot

     Officers are investigating a hit and run involving damage to a
student's vehicle while it was parked in the Baptist Church Lot.


1505 06-04342 Vandalism Central Hall Report

     Officers are investigating a student's vehicle being damaged while
parked in the Central Hall parking area.


1247 06-04343 Harassing Phone Calls Campus Report

     Officers are investigating an employee receiving harassing phone
calls during work.


1612 06-04344 Traffic Accident FPAC Report

    Officers investigated a two car accident at the intersection of
University Way and Centennial involving two student's cars and property
damage only.


1715 06-04345 Vandalism Central Hall Report

     Officers are investigating a student's vehicle possibly being keyed
while parked near Central Hall.


1930 06-04346 Traffic Accident Wachovia Report

     Officers responded to a hit and run with property damage at the
Wachovia Bank but due to jurisdiction Highway Patrol investigated the




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