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Date: 09/20/06
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2100 06-04103 Traffic Accident Village Report

     Officers investigated a two car accident at the Village involving


2235 06-04109 Disturbance Norton Report

     Officers assisted an RA at Norton Hall regarding a report of a
disruptive student.




0200 Weapons Violation Centennial Drive Referral

     Following a traffic violation traffic stop a student was issued a
UJC for a weapons violation.


0745 06-04120 Assist Deputies University Suites Report

     Officers assisted deputies involving a possibly intoxicated male at
University Suites.


0700 06-04124 Larceny Stillwell Report

     Officers are investigating a theft of equipment from the
construction site at Stillwell.


1320 06-04128 Elevator Malfunction Walker Report

     Officers assisted a student exit an elevator when it malfunctioned
in Walker Hall.



0045 06-04148 Distraught Student Buchanan Report

     The police department assisted a distraught student in receiving
all assistance available.


0240 06-04152 Alcohol Violation Benton Hall

     Officers issued a student a state citation and a UJC for underage
consumption of alcohol and fleeing the police.


0240 06-04154 Alcohol / Drug Violation Harrill Referral

     A student received UJC referrals for underage possession and
consumption of alcohol, littering and drug paraphernalia at Harrill


0746 06-04158 Fire Alarm Central Hall Report

     Officers responding to a fire alarm at Central Hall found it
indicating a malfunction and notified Facilities Management.


1700 06-04166 Vandalism Fieldhouse Lot Report

     Officers investigated a report of a student's vehicle's tires being
cut while parked in the Fieldhouse lot.


1700 06-04167 Vandalism Fieldhouse Lot Report

     Officers investigated another report of a students vehicle tires
being cut while parked in the Fieldhouse lot.


1950 06-04169 Larceny Dodson Report

     A student reports her book bag with contents became missing while
she was in Dodson.


2300 06-04173 Larceny McKee Report

     Employee's report a coffee maker was taken from inside a room on
2nd floor Mckee.



0050 06-04174 Traffic Violation Centennial Drive

      Officers issued a student a state citation for speeding 41 in a 20
mph zone on Centennial Drive.


0120 06-04176 Traffic Violation Speedwell Road Citation

     A student received a state citation for speeding 40 mph in a 20 mph
zone on Speedwell Road.


0253 06-04180 Larceny Ramsey/Big Cat Lot Report

     Several males were seen running from the Ramsey/Big Cat Lot
carrying banners that were state property. Neither the suspects nor the
banners were located.


1600 06-04183 Larceny Scott Hall Report

     Officers investigated a report of a student taking sunglasses that
belonged to another student.


1750 06-04187 DWI Fieldhouse Lot Arrest

     Following a traffic accident in the Fieldhouse lot where parties
wished to settle without a wreck report a non-student driver was
arrested and charged with DWI.


1854 06-04189 Alcohol Violation/Disruptive Stadium Report

     An intoxicated disruptive female student was removed from the
football game.


1924 06-04191 Disturbance FPAC Report

     Officers observed a verbal domestic dispute between two students.
Both agreed to separate and calm down before returning home.


2145 06-04199 Drug Violations Buchanan Hall Citation

     A non-student received a state citation for possession of marijuana
outside Buchanan Hall.


2325 06-04202 Alcohol Violation Fieldhouse Lot/Catamount Rd.

     A non-student received a state citation for underage possession /
consumption of alcohol in a public place.


2330 06-04203 Alcohol Violation Central Drive Referrals
x 2

     Following a traffic stop of an overcrowded vehicle one student
received a UJC for underage possession / open container of alcohol in a
vehicle while another student received a UJC for underage possession of
alcohol and overcrowding his vehicle.


2357 06-04205 Traffic Accident Forrest Hills Report

     Officers assisted deputies who were attempting to stop a fleeing
motorcycle that was being operated by a student. The chase ended when
the motorcycle wrecked where Forrest Hills intersects with Centennial
Drive. Officers assisted with traffic control.




1130 06-04217 Trouble Alarm Central Hall Report

    The police department received a trouble alarm for Central Hall and
Facilities Management was notified.


1200 06-04218 Vandalism Helder Lot Report

     Officers are investigating a student's vehicle being keyed while it
was parked in the Helder parking lot.


1620 06-04222 Damage to Vehicle Walker A Lot Report

     A student reports damage to his vehicle when someone apparently
made an attempt to break into his vehicle on the 16th after 11pm in the
Walker A lot.


2340 06-04233 Traffic Violation Traffic Circle Citation

     A student received a state citation for speeding 61 in a 45 mph
zone at the traffic circle.




1045 06-04240 Alcohol Violation/Impound Fieldhouse Lot

     The trailer that was use during tailgating was impounded from the
Fieldhouse Lot two days after the game for alcohol violations by having
liquor present when none is allowed in the tailgating lot.


1540 06-04246 Alcohol Violations Scott Hall Referral

     A student received a UJC for drinking alcohol in public while in
front of Scott Hall.


1640 06-04248 Traffic Accident Fieldhouse Lot Report

     Officers investigated a two car accident involving backing in the
Fieldhouse lot.


1655 06-04249 Traffic Violation Leatherwood/Dodson

     A non-student received a state citation for fail to yield to a
pedestrian in a marked crosswalk between Leatherwood and Dodson.


2044 06-04255 Larceny Brown Cafeteria Report

     Employees report the theft of a floor mat from the lobby of Brown


2200 06-04257 Assault Reynolds Referral

     A female student reported being kicked by a male student who was
harassing her. The victim wished no criminal prosecution so the male
received a UJC referral.




1200 06-04273 Larceny Benton Report

     A student reports the theft of bicycle parts from his bicycle while
it was secured to the steel railing behind Benton Hall.


1852 06-04275 Fire Benton Referral x 3

     Two students received UJC's for running from the police and one
student received a UJC for running from the police and igniting a fire
in an ashtray outside Benton Hall.


2300 06-04283 False Police Report Helder Hall Referral x 2

     Two students received UJC's for a prank that resulted in a false
police report being filed regarding a kidnapping.




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