University Police Reports 9/13/06

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Date: 09/13/06
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2250 06-04033 Alcohol Violation Fieldhouse Citations x 2

     Officers issued two state citations to two male non-students in the
Fieldhouse lot for underage alcohol consumption. One of the male's
mothers came to the PD to pick up both individuals.




1425 06-04062 Traffic Accident Reid Lot Report

     Officers investigated a hit and run traffic accident where a state
vehicle was hit while parked the Reid lot.



1445 06-04063 Traffic Accident Memorial Drive Report

     Officers investigated a two car accident on Memorial Drive
involving backing.


1600 06-04058 Larceny Hunter Library Report

     Officers are investigating the theft of a laptop on 9/8/06 from
inside a vehicle parked at Hunter Library.


1600 06-04065 Fire Alarm Norton Hall Report

     Officers responded to a fire alarm at Norton Hall that was caused
by a water leak. Facilities Management was notified.


1615 06-04066 Vandalism Harrill/Benton Report

     Officers are investigating a student's vehicle being keyed while
parked in the parking lot between Harrill and Benton on 09/10/06.


1740 06-04068 Trouble Alarm Stillwell Report

     The police department received notification of a trouble alarm at
the Stillwell building and Facilities Management was notified.


1844 06-04069 Larceny S. Leatherwood Lot Report

      Officers are investigating the theft of fog lights form a students
vehicle that happened sometime between Sept 9th and11th while the
vehicle was parked in the South Leatherwood lot.


2358 06-04074 Traffic Violation Scott Hall Citation

     Officers issued a state citation to a student for parking in the
fire lane at Scott Hall.




0510 06-04078 Breaking and Entering Scott Hall Report

     Officers are investigating an apparently intoxicated male entered a
female students room and urinated on furniture.


0810 06-04079 Domestic Hunter Library Banned

     Officers investigated a domestic situation resulting in a
non-student being banned from campus property.


1350 06-04080 Traffic Accident Village Report

     Officers investigated a minor two car traffic accident in the
Commuter Lot at the Village involving backing.


1435 06-04083 Larceny Albright/Benton Report

     Officers are investigating the theft of a students bicycle while it
was parked in the Albright/Benton bike rack near the church.


1455 06-04084 Fire Alarm Village Report

      Officers responding to a fire alarm at the Village found it was
caused by Housekeepers cleaning with hot water.


2016 06-04087 Vehicle Chase Wayahutta Road Report

     Officers attempted to initiate a traffic stop involving a black
Dodge Ram truck regarding suspicion of driving under the influence. The
vehicle refused to stop trying to elude arrest by driving up Wayahutta
Road where officers lost site of the vehicle.




1005 06-04094 Traffic Accident Centennial Report

     Officers investigated a minor two car accident on Centennial Drive.


1800 06-04100 Breaking/Entering/Larceny Walker Report

     Officers are investigating larceny of keys from inside a residence
hall room while the owner was not present.






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