University Police Reports 2/28/06

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Date: 02/28/06
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0500 06-01631 Fire Alarm FPA Report

     Officers responded to a Fire Alarm at the FPA Building. Upon
arrival officers found the panel showing clear and no problem found.


0634 06-01635 Lost Cell Phone Campus Report

     A student reported loosing her cell phone in the vicinity of the
McKee Building.


1050 06-01636 Vandalism UC Report

     An employee reported a student pouring water on chalk drawings
created by other students. Officers spoke with the student involved.


1400 06-01618 Recovered Property Village Report

     Officers located the pocket bike reported missing on the 26th
over an embankment the field below the Village. The owner was notified.


1859 06-01644 Vandalism Harrill Report

     Officers received a report that the Glass in the front door of
Harrill Hall is cracked.


1602 06-01637 Traffic Accident Campus Report

     A CatTran driver reported finding damage on one of the CatTran
buses but it is unknown when or where it happened.



Officer Tammy Ammons-Hagberg

Crime Prevention Coordinator

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