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Date: 02/27/06
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1500 06-01574 Credit Card Fraud off Campus Report

     A student was notified by his bank of a fraud involving someone
purchasing items online with his debit card number.




0500 06-01544 Assault on Officer Albright Hall

     Regarding the 06-01544 February 23rd incident involving the fire
alarm at Albright and the assault, warrants were issued for the student
on the 23rd but were not served until the he returned to campus on the


0615 06-01570 Vandalism Reynolds Hall Report

     Officers are investigating where the safety glass in the door
window nearest Robertson was broken.


0900 06-01571 Presentation Belk Community Policing

     An Officer conducted an informative Presentation regarding DWI for
a class in the Belk building.


1140 06-01578 Fire Alarm Fieldhouse Report

     Officers responded to a Fire Alarm at the Fieldhouse. No problem


1300 06-01581 Fire Alarm Fieldhouse Report

     Officers responded to a Fire Alarm at the Fieldhouse. No problem
was located


1429 06-01583 Fire Alarm Fieldhouse Report

     Officers responded to another Fire Alarm report at the Fieldhouse.
No problem was located.


2103 06-01588 Fire Trouble Leatherwood Hall Report

     Officers found the alarm panel indicating normal when they
responded to a report of a Fire alarm trouble in Leatherwood Hall.


2119 06-01589 Fire Alarm Leatherwood Hall Report

     Officers responded to a fire alarm activation call at Leatherwood
Hall. No alarm was audible and Facilities Management was notified.


2202 06-01590 Fire Alarm UC Report

     Officers responded to the UC regarding a fire alarm activation and
found it was accidentally caused by an event being held in the Illusions




0215 06-01593 DWI Central Drive Arrest

     A non student was arrested for DWI and driving left of the center.


0808 06-01598 Suspicious Person Village Report

     Upon questioning a suspicious person he was identified to be a
non-student who became separated from the person he rode to WCU with and
now had no way to get inside a building while waiting for his ride.
Officers assisted with transporting the person to an off campus business
where he would be warm until locating his ride home.


0849 06-01600 Fire Alarm Norton Hall Report

     Officers responded to a fire alarm involving steam from a shower
activating the fire alarm. The alarm reset when the steam cleared.


0310 06-01595 Vandalism Albright Report

      Officers responded to a vandalism report which involved damage
state property. Officers learned two males had been seen turning over
the wooden outdoor chairs and the couches in the Lobby at Albright.


1210 06-01604 Sexual Assault Laurel Oaks Report

     Officers received a report of an off campus sexual assault to a
student that happened at the Laurel Oaks apartments. Jackson County
Sheriffs Department is conducting an investigation.


1304 06-01605 Burglar Alarm Hunter Library Report

     The Burglar Alarm was accidentally activated by the employees at


1829 06-01607 Elevator Stuck Harrill Report

     Officers responded to a report of an elevator stuck with people
inside at Harrill Hall. Officers found the elevator to be empty but
deactivated the elevator involved and notified Facilities Management.




0212 06-01610 Alarm Trouble Leatherwood Hall Report

     Officers responded to a fire trouble alarm at Leatherwood Hall. No
problem was found and the alarm reset.

0248 06-01612 Harassment Reynolds Report

     A former WCU student visiting for the weekend reported receiving a
harassing text message of a sexual nature. The number was from her
hometown and she has received them before there. She was leaving to
return home this morning so she was advised of safety procedures and is
reporting it to the Police when she arrives home.


0311 06-01613 Disturbance Faculty Apartments Report

     Officers responded to a disturbance at Faculty Apartments finding a
student their vehicle blowing the horn. The student had been involved
in a fight at Rabbit Ridge. EMS responded but medical treatment was
refused. Jackson Sheriffs Department arrived and the student was taken
into custody.


1300 06-01618 Larceny of pocket bike Norton Report

     A student's "pocket bike" was reported taken from in front of
Norton Hall sometime during the night.


1323 06-01619 Fire Alarm Village Report

     Officers responded to a fire alarm in the 500 building at the
Village. The alarm would not reset and Facilities Management arrived
and conducted extensive checking but the reason for the alarm was not


1300 06-01622 Larceny/Fraud Campus Report

     Officers investigated a student loosing her cat card on the 19th
and now finding money has been removed from the account.


1521 06-01621 Alarm/other Forsyth Report

     Officers responded to a report of an audible alarm sounding in the
area of Coulter/Killian. While checking for the source of the alarm the
Computer Centers Alarm was accidentally activated. The appropriate
Computer Center employee's were notified.




Officer Tammy Ammons-Hagberg

Crime Prevention Coordinator

WCUPD 828-227-7301


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