University Police Reports 10/22/05

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Date: 10/22/05
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1150 05-2265 Domestic Dispute
Walker Lot Report

            Offices checked on a boyfriend/girlfriend argument taking
place in the Walker Lot.


1225 05-2263 Student Welfare
Scott Hall Report

            Two students were taken to Harris Regional Hospital in
reference to accidentally

            bumping into each other following an intramural football
game. Someone threw the ball

            and they both lunged for it. They collided and both
suffered head injuries. Neither

            were admitted to the hospital.


1500 05-2266 Larceny
FPA Further Investigation

            A student reported the theft of items off a metal sculpture
at the rear of the Fine and

            Performing Arts Center.


1410 05-2264 Larceny
Scott Hall Report

            A male student reported the theft of prescription drugs from
his residence hall room.


            05-2262 A cell phone was found at Belk and
turned into the Police Department.


1800 05-2267 Assist LEA
Campus Report

            University Officers assisted Jackson County Officers locate
a person on campus in reference

            to a domestic violence protection order.


1905 05-2268 Speeding
Central Dr. Citation

            A male student was issued a citation for speeding.


2048 05-2269 NOL
Centennial Dr. Citation

            A male non-student was issued a citation for no operator's


2211 05-2272 Assist LEA
Campus Entrance Report

            University Officers were asked to check a car at the
entrance to campus. The

            occupants of the car were thought to have been involved in
throwing objects from

            a car in Sylva. It was not the car being sought.




0030 05-2270 Driving after Consuming Scott
Hall Lot Citation

            A underage male student was charged with driving after


0214 05-2271 Assist Lea
Off Campus Report

            Jackson County requested University Police assistance at a
domestic dispute

            involving a female student and a male non-student. The male
left the apartment

            voluntarily and the female was advised to contact law
enforcement if anything further

            should develop.




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