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Date: 10/21/05
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1225 05-2255 Concerned Parent Leatherwood

            A father called University Police to ask for assistance in
locating his son

            who he had not heard from in a month. The son was located
and called

            his father immediately.


1240 05-2256 Disruptive Student McKee

            Officers responded to a report of a disruptive student.


1610 05-2257 Larceny Norton Hall
Further Investigation

            A student reported that someone took a bottle of
prescription medicine from her

            purse at a fraternity party.


1937 05-2261 Alarm Harrill
Hall Report

            Officers responded to an alarm caused when a soccer ball
struck a

            fire head.


2254 05-2259 Drug Violation Airport Rd.

            A non-student was issued a citation for possession of
marijuana and paraphernalia.





0120 05-2260 Possible Fight Village

            Officers were called to a fraternity at the Village where a
group of students were

            apparently preparing to fight. The incident has been
referred to Judicial Affairs

            and Residential Living.


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