University Police Reports 9-2-05

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Date: 09/02/05
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0741 05-1766 Alarm Killian One Stop Report
                        Officer responded to an alarm. It was caused by a door being left unlocked and ajar.
                        The alarm was caused by a vacuum from other doors opening and must have jarred
                        The door and set off the alarm.
0925 05-1767 Resist Officer Central Drive Referred
                        Officers observed a student on skateboard on the sidewalk. Officers told him to stop and
                        he refused. Another officer attempted to stop him and he refused again. Officer finally located
                        him and explained the policy on skateboarding. The student did not agree with the policy
                        and suggested that officers should look the other way. Student is referred to Judicial Affairs.
2030 05-1771 Disturbance Stadium Further Investigation
                        Officers were called into the stands during the football game about a disturbance between two
                        fraternities and learned that an incident had occurred. Officers escorted one student from
                        each organization out. Investigation continuing and both fraternities are referred to Judicial
2115 05-1769 Student on Field Stadium Referred
                        A student ran down sideline and jumped into the kicker net. Student was removed from the
                        game. The student is referred to Judicial Affairs.
2124 05-1775 Alarm Scott Report
                        Officer responded to a trouble alarm. Unable to determine the cause.
2148 05-1774 Failure to obey officer Forest Hills/Catamount Rd Citation
                        Officer charged student for failing to obey directions of a law enforcement officer while that
                        officer was directing traffic after the ballgame.
2245 Accident NC1002
                        Officers responded to accident below Dix's Gap where a vehicle had went over the guardrail.
                        Student had gotten out of vehicle and left the scene. Officers cleared when the Highway
                        Patrol arrived.
0117 05-1773 Underage Possession of Alcohol Scott Referred
                        Officer observed student in front of Scott residence hall with beer and student was under the
                        age of 21. Student is referred to Judicial Affairs.
0131 05-1776 Alarm Stillwell Report
                        Officer responded to a trouble alarm. Unable to determine the cause.
0227 05-1777 Underage Consumption Harrill Referred
                        Officers assisted EMS with a call on underage consumption. Upon arrival officers learned
                        that student had ran when he found out the EMS was enroute. After searching,officers
                        found the student on another hall. After EMS checked the student's vitals he refused to
                        be transported to a medical facility. Student is referred to Judicial Affairs.
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