University Police Reports 8/30/05

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Date: 08/30/05
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0857 05-1744 Larceny Forsyth
Bld. Further Investigation

            Officers are investigating the theft of two cigarette cans
from the front of

            the Forsyth Building.


0935 05-1738 Roommate Dispute Walker Hall

            Officers were called by a student who said his roommate had

            a pair of boots. The situation was referred to residential
living due to

            the nature of the dispute.


1015 05-1737 Vandalism Joyner Plaza

            Officers investigated an incident involving vandalism to a


            05-1740 Returned Wallet Walker Lot

            A wallet, which was found in the Walker Lot, was returned to
the owner.


            05-1739 Found Key Reid
Sidewalk Report

            A single key was turned into the Police Department. It was
found on the

            sidewalk near Reid Gym. The key has numbers stamped on it.


            05-1747 Found Wallet McKee

            A leather wallet was turned into the Police Department. It
was found

            at the McKee Building.



1040 05-1741 Harassing Phone Calls Off Campus

            A student who lives off campus wanted to file a report of
harassing phone calls

            against another student who also lives off campus. Since
both students live

            off campus the reporting student was advised to talk with a
magistrate in reference

to charges.


1300 05-1742 Larceny Campus

            A student reported the theft of her CAT Card and keys from
her purse. The CAT Card

            was cancelled.


1800 05-1745 Larceny Moore
Building Further Investigation

            A student reported the theft of a wallet from a backpack
which was in a locker


1831 05-1746 Accident Harrill Lot

            Officers investigated an accident in the Harrill Lot.


1831 05-1750 Alarm Ramsey
Center Report

            Officers responded to an alarm. No trouble located.


2301 05-1748 Accident Reynolds Lot

            Officers investigated a minor backing accident in the
Reynolds Lot.




0100 05-1749 Harassment Campus
Further Investigation

            Officers received a report that a male student was harassing
a female student through

            instant messaging. Officers contacted the male regarding
the seriousness of the

            situation. The incident remains under investigation.






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