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Date: 08/29/05
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0905 05-1683 Accident Baptist
Church Lot Report

            Officers investigated a minor accident involving backing in
the Baptist

            Church lot.


1314 05-1701 Accident Norton Rd.

            Officers investigated a minor traffic accident involving
backing from a

            parking space.


1315 05-1685 Assist SHP NC 107

            Officers assisted a Highway Patrol Trooper at the scene of a
domestic disturbance

            involving two non-students. University Officers stood by
till county officers arrived.


1315 05-1686 Lost CAT Card Campus

            A lost CAT Card was returned to the CAT Card Office.


1345 05-1684 Harassment
Albright-Benton Report

            Officers received a report from a female student who
reported a male student

            made her feel uncomfortable. Officers poke to the male who
said he was

            just trying to meet females. He apologized.


1520 05-1687 Accident Harrill Lot

            A student reported she hit an unmarked pot hole causing
damage to

            her vehicle.


1550 05-1690 Alarm Village

            Officers responded to an alarm. No trouble located.


1605 05-1689 Assist CFD Off Campus

            Officers assisted the Cullowhee Fire Department at an
accident on

            South Country Club Drive, where a tree had fallen on a
worker. The worker

            was seriously injured. A medical helicopter was dispatched
and landed on

            the intramural field. The victim was then airlifted to
Mission St. Josephs

            Hospital in Asheville.


1826 05-1691 DWLR Central Dr.

            Officers issued a male student a citation for driving while
license revoked.


2345 05-1693 Drug/Alcohol Violations Central Dr.

            A male and a female student were charged with drug
violations, possession

            of marijuana and unsealed wine/liquor in passenger area of a

            The students are underage.





0058 05-1696 Underage Drinking Helder Hall Lot

            A male student was charged with underage drinking and
driving while

            consuming. Officers stopped him after they saw him driving
the wrong

            way at a high speed.


0137 05-1697 Alarm
Leatherwood Hall Report

            Officers responded to an alarm caused by an aerosol spray.


0206 05-1694 Broken Window Reynolds Hall

            Officers received a report of a broken window in an exit


0302 05-1698 Assist LEA Off Campus

            Jackson County Officers requested the assistance of
University Police at

            a fraternity house on Edgewater Rd., where there was a
report of multiple

            fights. The persons fighting had left when officers arrived.
Jackson County

            Deputies closed down the party.


0310 05-1702 Handicap Violation Village Lot

            A female student was cited for parking in a handicap space.
The student is not



0419 05-1699 Alarm Outreach
Center Report

            Officers responded to an alarm in the Outreach Center. No
trouble located.


0930 05-1700 WCU Property Off Campus

            Officers are investigating a report that property possibly
belonging to

            the University was found in another county. Further


1030 05-1729 Found Keys Local Business

            A key ring, with two keys on it, was found at Bob's Mini
Mart and turned into

            the police department.


1000 05-1731 Alarm Hunter
Library Report

            Officers responded to an alarm. No trouble located.


1400 05-1722 Lost Cell Phone Campus

            A student reported she had lost her cell phone.


1533 05-1703 Alcohol Violation Village

            Officers were called to the Village in reference to possible
alcohol violations.

            Referred to residential living and student affairs.


1637 05-1704 Vandalism Buchanan Lot

            Officers investigated a report of vandalism to a vehicle.


1715 05-1720 Vandalism Walker Lot

            A student reported someone scratched the side of his


1800 05-1718 Alarm
Leatherwood Report

            Officers responded to an alarm. No trouble located.


2017 05-1714 Speeding Centennial
Dr. Citation

            Officers issued a citation to a student for exceeding a safe


2033 05-1711 Improper Registration Centennial Dr.

            Officers issued a citation for improper registration of a


2200 05-1706 Assist LEA Leatherwood
Hall Report

            Jackson County officers requested University Officer's help
in locating

            persons using others driver's licenses to purchase alcohol.
One of the

            suspects is no longer a student. The other has not been


2235 05-1707 Alarm Ramsey
Center Report

            Officers responded to an alarm. No trouble located.


2313 05-1715 Accident Off Campus

            University officers on patrol heard a crash and seconds
later a call for

            help on the law enforcement radio. A Jackson County Deputy

            pinned in his vehicle which was on its side. The accident
involved a

pickup truck driven by a female student.

            The accident happened at the

            Intersection of NC 107 and Forest Hills Rd. The female

            and her male companion were taken to Harris Regional

            where they were treated and released. The deputy was O.K.

            The NC Highway Patrol is investigating.


2318 05-1717 Possible Fight Harrill Hall

            While assisting at the scene of the above accident, officers
received a call

            of a possible fight in front of Harrill Hall. The incident
began when

            the occupants of a vehicle began shouting sexual taunts
toward a female

            student. The student's boyfriend confronted the occupants
of the vehicle.

            When the female tried to intervene the occupants of the
vehicle threatened

            to assault her. When officers arrived the suspects had
driven off.



0010 05-1709 Assist LEA Off Campus

            Officers assisted Jackson County Officers at the scene of a
loud party on

            Ledbetter Road. The owners of the house quieted the party
and had all illegally parked

            cars moved.


0111 05-1713 Underage Consumption Harrill Hall

            Officers were called to Harrill Hall to assist EMS with an
intoxicated female

            student. She had been drinking at a fraternity party on
Edgewater Road

            and was found walking along the road by a friend who brought
her to her

            Residence Hall.


0116 05-1708 Alcohol Overdose Leatherwood Hall

            A female student was transported to Harris Regional Hospital
for an alcohol overdose.

            EMS and officers found her in Leatherwood Hall.

The student had been drinking at a large party on Edgewater Rd.


0138 05-1716 Assist LEA Edgewater Rd.

            Jackson County Officers requested University Police
assistance at a

            fraternity party on Edgewater Rd. Deputies ordered the
party shut down and

            had several vehicles towed which were blocking the road.


0219 05-1712 Alcohol Overdose Scott Hall

            Offcers assisted EMS in a Scott Hall room where a male
student had

            overdosed on alcohol. The student had been drinking at an
off campus

            fraternity party. The student is underage. He declined to
be transported

            to a medical facility.


0337 05-1710 Domestic Village

            Officers intervened in a domestic dispute between a female
and male student.

            Alcohol was involved.


0740 05-1730 Found Wallet Off Campus

            A wallet was returned to a student who left it at an off
campus business.


0815 05-1726 Alarm Ramsey
Center Report

            Officers responded to an alarm. No trouble located.


1301 05-1724 Registration Violation Village

            Officers investigated a situation of an expired tag being
put on a trailer.

            The student was told the trailer could not be on campus
without proper

            registration and insurance. The student was issued a

and referred to Student Affairs.


1405 05-1723 Possible Drug Violation Monteith Gap

            Officers received a report of a female on drugs. Jackson
County Officers were

            tied up on other calls. Following a search, no one fitting
the description was



2030 05-1728 Drug Violations Village

            Officers responded to a fire alarm in the Village. Upon
arrival with Residential

            Living Staff they smelled smoke. Residential Living Staff
and the officers entered the room.

            Officers discovered some marijuana and a military
identification card that

            belonged to another person who is over 21. The student was
rude to officers.

The student is charged with drug violations. He also received a
referral to Judicial Affairs.


2045 05-1733 Stuck Elevator Walker Hall

            Officers extricated students who were stuck on an elevator.


2153 05-1736 Call Box Activation Helder Lot

            Officers responded to a call box activation. Officers were
unable to locate anyone.


2215 05-1734 Indecent Exposure Campus
Further Investigation

            A female runner reported that a male exposed himself to her
between the Honors College

            And Breese Gym.


2231 05-1735 Disturbed Person Scott Hall

            Officers assisted Counseling Services with a non-student who
was threatening

            to harm himself.




0431 05-1732 Alarm Ramsey
Center Report

            Officers responded to an alarm. No trouble located.



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