University Police Reports 7/8/05

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Date: 07/08/05
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0700 Lost & Found Walker Hall Report

            Officers returned a wallet found by housekeeping to the


            Officers returned a second wallet to a student who

            lost a wallet at Killian.


0900 Welfare Check Albright Hall Report

            Officers located a student for a mother who had been unable

            to get in touch with him. The student called home.


1410 Alarm Leatherwood

            Officers responded to an alarm caused by construction.


2000 License Check Point

            Officers joined Jackson County Officers and Highway Patrol

            Troopers in a license checkpoint at the intersection of

            SR1002 and Central Dr.


2020 Drug Violation SR 1002

            A male student was cited for drug paraphernalia at a

            license checkpoint.


2035 NOL SR 1002

            A driver who attempted to elude a license check point

            was cited for failure to carry a license while driving.


2145 DWLR Central Dr.

            A male student was cited for driving while license revoked,

            and displaying a fictitious plate. The charges resulted

            a license check point.


2209 Drug Violation SR 1002

            A non-student was charged with drug paraphernalia at a

            license checkpoint.




0105 Stop Sign Violation Central Dr. Citation

            A driver was issued a citation for failure to stop for a
stop sign.


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