University Police Reports 7/9-7/11

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Date: 07/11/05
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0812 Drug Violation Campus Report

            Officers found several marijuana plants growing near the

            Field Lot. Following further investigation with Jackson

            authorities, a suspect living nearby was charged with

            various drug violations.


1355 Seat Belt Violation Centennial Dr. Citation

            A driver was issued a citation for failure to use a seat


1610 Alarm Village

            Alarm due to work in the area.


1959 DWLR Central Dr.

            Officers charged a driver with driving while license




0930 Unsafe Speed Central Dr.

            A driver was issued a citation for exceeding a safe speed.


1230 Found CAT Card Helder/Scott Report

            Officers returned a CAT Card to the owner.


1458 Assist LEA Edgewater Rd. Report

            Officers were requested to assist Jackson County rescue

            where a female was reported to have gone underwater in the

            Tuckaseigee River. Apparently the female was O.K.

            Those involved were students.


1833 Assist CVFD Monteith Gap Rd. Report

            Officers responded to assist the Cullowhee Fire Department

            at an apartment fire where grease had caught fire. The

            a student, received slight burns to her arms. A friend

            her to Harris Regional Hospital for treatment.




0055 Alcohol Overdose Off Campus Report

            Officers were requested to assist Jackson County officers at

            some off campus apartments where a female was passed

            out in a parking lot due to alcohol overdose. WESTCARE

            EMS transported her to Harris Regional Hospital. Later

            another female at the same location had to be transported

            to Harris Regional Hospital with alcohol overdose. The

            involved are not students at Western but are students

            at other North Carolina universities.


0416 Assist Pedestrian SR 1002 Report

            Officers transported an intoxicated (non-student) to his



2152 DWLR/Alcohol Centennial Dr. Arrest

            Officers charged a non-student with driving while license

            revoked, possess open container in passenger area and

            a headlight violation.



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