University Police Reports 1/21/05

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Date: 01/21/05
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1400 Larceny/Burglary Baseball Stadium
Further Investigation

            Officers are investigating the theft of baseball equipment
from a storage building




0058 Drunk and Disruptive Scott Hall

            A student was referred to Judicial Affairs for refusing to
leave during a fire drill.

            The student was intoxicated and abusive to officers.


0620 Alarm Reid Gym

            Officers responded to an alarm caused by a ground fault.


0827 Unoccupied Truck Reid Lot

            Officers located the driver of a Tractor-trailer truck which
was left unoccupied at Reid Lot.

            The driver was visiting a student.


1125 Alarm Performing Arts

            Workers accidentally set off the alarm.


1520 Fraud Scott Hall
Further Investigation

            Officers are investigating the unauthorized use of a
visitor's credit card.


1806 Larceny/Fraud Village
Further Investigation

            Officers investigated the unauthorized use of a student's
credit card.


2205 Larceny/Burglary Benton Hall
Further Investigation

            Officers are investigating the theft of a lap top computer
from a student's room.


2245 Suspicious Activity Albright-Benton

            Officers responded to a report of a student acting





0037 Alarm Scott Hall

            Officers responded to a pull station alarm at Scott Hall.


0150 Alcohol/Drug Violation Near Benton Hall

            Officers investigated a party in the woods behind Benton
Hall. Students left

            as the officers approached the area.



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