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Kephart album pages 20 and 21.  Click for larger image.

Page 20

Magazine clippings "Characteristic Timber Growth on the Wood Appalachian Properties."


Page 21 - Great Smoky Mountains

Upper left photograph: "(Lived here alone, Nov. 2, 1904, to Jan., 1906)"

Upper right photograph: "A Caller at my Door (Xmas, 1904)"

Middle left photograph: "The Cabin in Autumn"

Middle right photograph: "The Cabin in Winter"

Lower left photograph: "Summer Kitchen (in front of Cabin, looking toward the Mine)"

Lower right photograph: "Bee-Gum"

Notes: Page 21 contains six erased captions that were numbered. The upper left photograph on page 21 is missing or has not been identified. The lower left photograph on page 21 is missing from the album collection. This photograph is from folder 6 of the loose photographs and contains the note "Kephart Album - loose" written in pencil on the back. The child shown in the upper right photograph is identified on page 48 as Walter Calhoun. Please see explanation in About the Virtual Album.

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