Making History:
Weaving Institute, 1935

The 1935 Weaving Institute was held August 12-24 and included courses in weaving, jewelry making, pottery, carding, spinning, dyeing with plant materials, book binding, basketry, block-printing, leather work, soap making, and the weaving of chair seats with hickory splits. By moving your cursor over the faces in the photograph you can learn something about the students, instructors, staff and community members who were part of the celebratory summer when the Edward F. Worst Craft House was first put into use.

1. Naida Ackley
2. Frances Barr
3. Harriet Conley
4. Bonnie Willis Ford
5. Howard C. (Toni) Ford
6. Paul Fortner
7. Mary Grindstaff
8. Clyde P. Miller
9. Henrietta S. Miller

10. Georgia Morgan
11. Jessie Morgan
12. John Morgan
13. Lucy Morgan
14. Ralph Morgan, Sr.
15. Henry Neal
16. Myrta Peters
17. Rupert Peters

18. Janet Turnball
19. Isadora Williams
20. William Worst
21. Edward Worst
22. Evangeline Worst