Weaving Pattern:
Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune weaving pattern
Wheel of Fortune weaving example

The pattern in this color image is a variation of Wheel of Fortune, also known as Cup and Saucer. The worn nineteenth century coverlet bedcover was likely made by Martha Emmaline Queen (1860–1917) of Jackson County, North Carolina. The warp is sett at forty-three ends per inch and is a single-ply natural cotton that appears to be handspun. The pattern weft is a single-ply handspun wool and hand-dyed using madder roots to produce the reddish color. The coverlet is made of made of two 28-inch panels that are unmatched at the center seam. The top and bottom edges were turned and hemmed. The skill of the weaver is noted by the consistent forty-five degree angle in the pattern. Martha Emmaline Queen's family lived in the Fisher Creek section of Jackson County, NC, near Scotts Creek, one of the earliest and largest communities in the county.

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