Cherokee Phoenix

From the Columbia (S. C.) Telescope

Published May, 4, 1833

Page 3 Column 2c

From the Columbia (S. C.) Telescope.

The Dilemma Evaded.- The President, or his directors, have felt the grossness of his conduct, in preparing to use force against South Carolina, for a mere prospective Nullification while he was himself directly encouraging Georgia, in acts of Nullification already put into effect. A new move has therefore been made. The Presidential influence has been tried upon Georgia; perhaps with the intimation that it was no longer possible for the President to evade enforcing the decision of the Supreme Court, unless he likewise yielded to the Carolina proceedings. Be this as it may, the good Governor of that 'Nullification abhorring State, has pardoned the Missionaries; and they have been enlarged from the Penitentiary.

This is truly shikul(sic). As a more than twelve month of notorious acquiescence-upon favoring of the act of Georgia, could thus be of a sudden reversed and given over to oblivion, whenever it suits King Andrew, that his subjects on the eastern side of a river shall be dealt with differently from those on the other bank?

The missionaries have, it is true, given up their suit against the State; and so far as the President is rid of a present difficulty. But why did he not send a fleet and an army to Savannah, long before he marched against us? Nay, why does he not now? Georgia has taken forcible possession of the Indian lands, in direct and violent contravention of the laws of Congress and decree of the Federal Courts. She raised State Troops, for this purpose. She has enacted and enforced an Oath of Allegiance not only as to the Nullifiers-her loyal citizens-but against the Indians and Missionaries-her Union party. If she has now dispensed with the oath of allegiance, it is (as Governor Lumpkin avers) because he had introduced such a population on Indian lands, as to enable her to execute her laws. The whole possession of these lands is a case of Nullification, as complete as any that is ever likely to happen in South Carolina. Nothing at all equivalent in point of violence has ever been thought of in this State. Where are the Presidential thunders? Where the fleets-armies-Proclamation?

One word solves the whole enigma-GEORGIA HAS NO UNION PARTY, TO WEAKEN, TO DENOUNCE, TO BETRAY HER; and to call down upon their own State, the fury of her sectional enemies and of an ignorant and savage tyrant.