Cherokee Phoenix


Published March, 17, 1832

Page 4 Column 1a


From the Pennsylvania Whig.


God help thee! friendless Cherokee,

Whither for succor canst thou flee,

The Treaties that were made with thee,

Are violated!

By reckless, base, duplicity,

Our Country's truth and faith, are desecrated!

God, help thee! friendless Cherokee,

Is there no hope, ho help for thee,

Ah! must thou from thy Country flee,

Thy Father's land!

Swindled by vile cupidity,

ur Country's faith and honor blurr'd

must stand!

God, help thee! friendless Cherokee,

Have we nought else to give to thee,

But unavailing sympathy,

To heal thy woes?

Shall double tongued hypocrisy,

Our Country's Truth and Justice

thus foreclose?

God, help thee! friendless Cherokee,

We have no WASHINGTON to see,

Our faith maintain'd in purity;-

A heartless Chief

Devoid of all humanity.

Doth tinge our cheeks with shame and

fill our hearts with grief.

God, help thee! friendless Cherokee;

Strangers did seek a home with thee.

When thou were sovereign, Strong and Free!

Now thou art weak!

In gratitude and treachery!

Doth drive thee from thy home, to

distant regions seek!

God, help thee! friendless Cherokee,

My heart does bleed to think of thee,

Thy wrongs, and deep Calamity;-

In the Great Spirit, trust!

'I tremble for my Country,'

Should his avenging aarm be bared,


P. P.