Cherokee Phoenix


Published February, 18, 1832

Page 3 Column 4c


From the Globe

The President has occasionally suffered much from the wound in his arm. Recently the ball which fractured the bone, and remained in the muscle, has produced great irritation, and affected sympathetically the muscles of his shoulder and back.- Day before yesterday, he had the bullet extracted and it gave him immediate relief.

Dr. Harris an eminent surgeon of Philadelphia, happened casually in the city, and the President availed himself of the skill of this gentleman, to get rid of his troublesome enemy. Some years ago, while on a visit to this place it had nearly proved fatal to him. The inflammation was then so great as to threaten mortification and his life was despaired of by his friends. Unpleasant symptoms recurring, although in a slight degree, induced of the President to employ, at once a radical remedy. When the surgeon attended, he was immersed in business with gentleman in his office, to whom he politely excused himself, as under the necessity of submitting to the operation. A few hours afterwards, he appeared among his friends at dinner, with his arm in a sling, as he had formerly appeared with it in battle, among the enemies of his country. Yesterday he was at work again in his office.

Dr. Harris displayed much skill in performing the operation, ' particularly in disengaging the bullet, (which was rendered very ragged in passing through the bone) from the muscle to which it was attached. The incision made was necessarily of considerable extent-the ball being large and flatted.