Cherokee Phoenix


Published December, 3, 1831

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adopted by the Committee and Council of the Cherokee Nation, at Chattooga Nov. 1st, 1831.

Resolved by the Committee and Council in General Council Convened.

That the Judges of the Supreme Court of this Nation be and they are each of them, hereby authorized, during the recess of the Supreme Court to hold a special Court for the trial of any Criminal case which may be brought before them by any lawful officer of this Nation;-and such Court to be holden at such place as the Judges may designate as being most suitable and convenient, the plaintiff being duly notified thereof. The proceedings of such Court when sitting shall be similar to those prescribed by law for the determination of criminal prosecutions.

Be it further resolved, that the Circuit Courts provided by law to be holden in the several districts be and they are hereby authorized to take cognizance of all Civil cases which may be brought before them without any reference to the particular place of the residence of the parties:-and each of the Judges of the Circuit Courts be and they are also hereby vested with authority to hold special courts in criminal cases as provided for above, without reference to the particular circuit to which he may be appointed.

Be it further resolved that the Sheriffs and Constables of the several districts be and they are authorized to act officially out of the limits of their respective Districts, should circumstances require in the arrest of criminals or in their conveyance to trial.- So much of any law as militates against the above be and the same is hereby repeated.

Be it further resolved, that a majority of the members of the Supreme Court shall have power and are hereby authorized to hold the cessions of the Supreme Court at any place in the Nation, instead of New Echota, when circumstances in their opinion will justify the alternative.

Chattooga C. N. Nov. 1st. 1831


Pres't Committee.


Concurred- GOING X SNAKE

mark Speaker

Approved- JNO ROSS., E. BOUDINOT, Cl'k Com. Protem., A. M'COY, Cl'k Council.