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Published July, 2, 1831

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At a meeting of gentlemen at the Tract Society House, on the 8th of June 1831, convened for the purpose of considering the character of the late Mr. Evarts, and of gratefully acknowledging the divine favor to him and to the church, and the world through his instrumentality, Eleazer Lord, Esq. was appointed Chairman, and John Nitchie, Esq. Secretary.- After prayer by the Rev. Benjamin R. Rice, the meeting was addressed by the Rev. Mr. Anderson of Boston. Rev. Dr. Spring, Rev. Edward Beecher of Illinois, Rev. Benjamin H. Rice, Rev. Dr. Matthews, S. V. S. Wilder, Esq., Zechariah Lewis, Esq. and Mr. Rockwell of Savannah. The intimate acquaintance of these gentlemen with Mr. Evarts enabled them to bring very fully into view his character as a man and a christian in the relations of private and public life, and his agency and influence in respect to the benevolent enterprises of the day. The following resolutions were then unanimously adopted, and the exercises were closed with prayer by the Rev. Dr. Matthews.

Resolved, That in view of the life and character of the late Jeremiah Evarts, we feel it to be a privilege and duty to express our grateful acknowledgements for the goodness of God in raising him up and qualifying him for the various public stations which he filled, and endowing him with those great intellectual and moral gifts and powers for which he was distinguished, and to which we owe his bright example and his extensive and beneficent influence. And contemplating him as a servant and follower of our Lord Jesus Christ, we would bear our testimony to his worth, as one who devoted himself to constant labors and prayers for the well being and salvation of men throughout the world; who, by the purity of his mind, and the simplicity and godly sincerity of his deportment; secured the affection and respect of those who knew him and by his intelligence, candor, faithfulness and integrity acquired the confidence of the public; and who, by the great principles which governed his conduct by his enlarged views of the interests of the human race, the designs of Providence, and the duties and prospects of the church, by his enlightened and fervent piety, by the consecration of his talents and acquirements to the most responsible laborious, and difficult services, by his self denial, perseverance and zeal; his humility and faith, his conspicuous and edifying example in life and at death, was an eminent benefactor of the church and the world.

Resolved- That we gratefully acknowledge the goodness of God to our American churches and to the heathen world, by which our departed friend was enabled for nearly ten years, so to discharge the responsible duties of the Corresponding Secretary of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions as to secure the confidence of our churches, and the respect and admiration of numerous friends of Missions in European and other foreign countries.

Resolved, That we gratefully acknowledge, also, the divine goodness in the important agency which our departed friend was enabled to exert, during the twenty years past, in relation to most of the great religious enterprises of the present day; particularly while Editor of the distinguished monthly Journal, in exposing dangerous errors, which were destroying the vitality of religion in many of the New England churches; in powerful exhibitions and illustrations of scriptural truth which were among the principal means employed by the Holy Spirit in preparing the way for the subsequent revivals of religion in that part of our country; also, in most valuable aid, rendered at various times, in devising plans and prosecuting measures for promoting domestic missions, for the multiplication and distribution of the Holy Scriptures and religious tracts, for the education of pious young men for the gospel ministry and for the sanctification of the Christian Sabbath; and finally in that cause, which occupied much of the last two years of his life, which called forth some of the most vigorous efforts of his mind, ' which, while the intense solicitude, occasioned by the magnitude of its inevitable consequences upon the aborigines of our country and upon our national character, shortened the period of his earthly labors, secured for him a rank among the acknowledged philanthropists of our race, and made him widely and conspicuously known as THE FRIEND OF THE INDIANS.

Resolved. That while we gratefully commemorate the favor shown by our Heavenly Father to our deceased friend and brother, and through him to the church and the world at large we are admonished, by his example, to aim at a more elevated standard of practical piety, so that we may ourselves accomplish more for the glory of God and the good of men, during the short period of life; and we are especially admonished, and by the recollection of this evening, are very affectingly urged, to consider our present obligations, and to rally around our venerable institution, which has been so signally bereaved with special exertions for relieving its pecuniary wonts, and providing the means for sending a greater number of missionaries into the field.

Resolved That it be recommended to the Executive Committee of the Foreign Mission Society of New York and Brooklyn to take measures for having a public address or a sermon delivered in this city commemorative of the character of Mr. Evarts.

Resolved That the proceedings of this meeting be published by the Chairman and Secretary.

E. LORD Chairman

J. NITCHIE. Secretary.