Cherokee Phoenix

This edition printed in two pages only

Published February, 19, 1831

Page 2 Column 4b

This edition printed in two pages only

The Philadelphia Mail for December has a string of questions, intended to show that it is for the interest of the Indians to remove to the West. What if it is? Is that a good reason for the violation of the national faith?

We are out of all patience with this mode of arguing. It requires no small effort to believe that intelligent men, who resort to it as a sufficient defence of the present measures of the government, are honest. - Vermont Chronicle.


Sentiment Abroad.- The editor of the Canadian Watchman has the following remark on that part of the President's Message which relates to the Indians:-

'These few words concerning the tribes of Indian natives, we read with extreme pain, and we fear facts will not justify them. The President has much more of the same tenor, and though we can say nothing with a hope to alleviate the red man's hard fate, it is our serious apprehension that might is about to trample down right, and grind it into the dust.- Where shall the poor Indian find help? 'GOD IS JUST.'