Cherokee Phoenix

Note: This edition of the Phoenix is printed in four columns only

Published December, 11, 1830

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Note: This edition of the Phoenix is printed in four columns only.

From the Village Record


At a meeting of a number of the citizens of Chester County at the house of Samson Babb, in West Chester, on the first day of November, 1830; convened for the purpose of consulting as to what course would be most advisable and competent to obtain a full and fair expression of the sentiments of the citizens of this country, in relation to the address and prayer of the Cherokee Nation of Indians to the people of these United States; asking the friendly aid and intercession of all liberal and humane citizens to save them from violence and threatened destruction ; it was

Resolved, That in the opinion of this meeting, on taking a view of the existing relations between the United States and these Indians-and their threatened expulsion by the state of Georgia; we are bound by the most sacred engagements to protect them in their right of soil and sovereignty against intrusion from any state, or any of our citizens of the United States.

And. That as this subject is of such high and unlimited importance-involving the honor and good name of the whole American people-justice to ourselves, to our own character, ' a proper regard for all the charitable and endearing attributes of our name demand a clear and full expression of the public sentiment thereon;

It is therefore- Resolved. That a public meeting of the citizens of this country, friendly to the rights of the Indians, be invited to behold at the County Court House, in the borough of West Chester, at 11 o'clock A.M. on Monday, the 22d day of November inst. for the purpose of taking into consideration the aforementioned address, and promises and recommending such measures in relation thereto as in their collected judgement the urgency and importance of the case may require.

On behalf of the Meeting.